NASA’s Robonauts Ready To Launch Wearing Corporate Sponsor Shirts

Robonaut 2. Photo: NASA

Robonaut 2. Photo: NASA

What I really like about this picture from NASA is the sponsor logo right slap in the center of the Robonaut’s chest, just like it was playing center forward for Manchester United or Real Madrid, except they decided that the sponsor should be one of the bankrupt companies that the U.S. government bailed out in the increasingly suspect financial crisis, General Motors (actually, Manchester United’s sponsor is another one of those companies, AIG). Here’s the story from PopSci:

Later this year, NASA’s R2 will become the first humanoid robot resident of the International Space Station. The launch of the handsome android, which until now had not been firmly scheduled, has now been fast-tracked to happen this September.

Before the bot goes up, it has to be tested in conditions of vacuum, low gravity, high radiation, and trained sensitivity to the unusual practices on board the ISS.

NASA has released a new video showing off R2’s impressive capabilities.


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    Best hope that it doesn’t get a virus viq stupid microsoft systems…

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    Best hope that it doesn't get a virus viq stupid microsoft systems…