Next Big Hit On TV: Vegas Hookers for Jesus

HookersWell it should be entertaining, in a car-crash kind of way… as reported by

Las Vegas hookers are headed to [U.S. cable TV network] Investigation Discovery.

Lost in the blizzard of announcements by bigger siblings TLC, Discovery and OWN was “Saved on the Strip,” a new reality series for ID revolving around ex-prostitute Annie Lobert’s Vegas-based outreach ministry Hookers for Jesus, as well as the group’s Destiny Center. Each episode will focus on the extreme makeover of one woman trying to quit the streets and establish a better life.

“Saved,” from executive producers Jon Kroll (“Amish in the City,” “Big Brother”) and Sharon Liese (“High School Confidential”), will follow the activities of Lobert and what Kroll calls her “quirky posse of ex-sex workers.”

“I love projects that are provocative on the surface but incredibly human at their core,” Kroll said Thursday via e-mail. “Annie is resurrecting the lives of women who have no one else to turn to.”

Liese added that the series “sheds light on the realities of sex trafficking” while also showcasing “powerful stories of tranformation.”…

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