Outlawing Bottled Water

For those paying attention, calls for removal of plastics from our food and water and elsewhere in our household and workplace environments have been getting a whole lot louder recently and will receive worldwide attention during World Water Week in September. For those who liked Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff, she’s made a new film, The Story of Bottled Water:

The message is starting to go mainstream. TIME Magazine recently highlighted “The Perils of Plastic.” Here’s what they have to say about Bisphenol A (BPA), the type of plastic used to bottle water:

What It Is: A chemical used in plastic production

Found In: Water bottles, baby bottles, plastic wraps, food packaging

Health Hazards: The government’s National Toxicology Program has concluded that there is some concern about brain and behavioral effects on fetuses and young children at current exposure levels

What You Should Know: Switch to glass products when possible

There’s plenty more to learn, check out the rest of the story at TIME.


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  1. I use food stamps so either way it’s still free to me.

  2. I use food stamps so either way it's still free to me.

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