Research Proves Laughter Improves Your Health — Or Kills You

Via h+ magazine:

Research proves you’ll live longer if you laugh! A seven-year, 54,000-person study concluded people with a sense of humor have a 70% greater chance of surviving cancer, and a Loma Linda University medical researcher even calculated precise chemical changes. (Laughter increased human growth hormone by 87%, which optimizes immunity.)

Laughter also increases T cells in the immune system while reducing arterial stiffness and blood pressure, and one author suggests “for every minute of laughter you produce somewhere around $10,000 worth of healthy body chemistry.” Lee Im-seon, laughter therapist at Seoul National University Hospital, even claims “the hormones secreted when people laugh are known to alleviate pain 200–300 times better than morphine.”

Amazing how much funnier everything is when your life depends on it — but watch out. One man died while laughing at the movie A Fish Called Wanda. And in 1962, three schoolgirls in Tanzania started laughing and couldn’t stop. “Sent home, they transmitted their hysteria to the neighboring villages of Nshamba and Kanyangereka. The epidemic lasted six months. One thousand people were infected and fourteen schools were closed. Western psychologists categorize the plague as ‘Mass Psychogenic Illness.'”

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