Robert Greenwald Challenges ‘JFK’ Actors


Robert Greenwald. Photo: Sam Smith (CC)

It’s good to see that the Hollywood hacks are paying attention to Robert Greenwald’s message to the actors in the controversial History Channel Kennedy miniseries. From The

Left-wing documentary firebrand Robert Greenwald Thursday challenged actors Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes – who were cast this week to play John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie in a miniseries about the Kennedys – to “insist on a historically accurate and politically unbiased script.”

In February Greenwald corralled a group of prominent historians including former Kennedy advisor Ted Sorenson who in a video took objection to the script, calling it a politically-motivated “character assassination.”

The eight-hour miniseries is being produced by Joel Surnow, the executive producer of the hit action-torture series “24” and an outspoken political conservative.

The miniseries is scheduled to air in 2011 and marks the channel’s first foray in scripted drama. It is also in keeping with the network’s move to broaden its audience and attract younger viewers — a decision that seemed to pay off earlier this week when the channel recorded its biggest ever ratings for Sunday’s premiere of “America: The Story of Us.”

At the time of the historians’ broadside in Feburary, The History Channel defended the project, saying the historians had seen an early draft, and that its standards for historical accuracy “are more rigorous than the broadcast networks.”

With the high-profile casting of Kinnear and Holmes this week to play the lead characters, Greenwald again went on the offensive.

“I hope that the History Channel has since edited out the historical inaccuracies and the politically motivated character assassination that were part of the original script,” Greenwald said. “Respected actors Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes must insist on a historically accurate and political unbiased script.”…

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