Telepathy? There’s An App For That

The “Neuophone” app allows iPhone commands through telepathy! An EEG headset wirelessly sends signals to an iPhone, making it possible to “think dial” friends when their photo appears on your iPhone.

EEG electrodes monitor brainwaves (with a gyroscope to detect the head’s position) using Emotiv’s EPOC headset, interpreting brain signals with algorithms developed from MRI brain scans. “A P300 brain signal is elicited when the flashed photo matches the person you want to dial,” explains a video by its
developers at Dartmouth, who used only cheap off-the-shelf components. Its lithium battery lasts 12 hours and charges via USB…

But since EPOC’s software can also infer your emotional state, this article raises an interesting possibility. “Just as today’s hackers sniff packets on the Internet, tomorrow’s hackers may have the ability to sniff brainwave
packets out of the air to reconstruct thoughts!”