The Unfriendly Skies: Toxic Airlines And The Aerotoxic Syndrome

A documentary by Tim van Beveren investigating fume events, tricresyl phosphate (TCP) and talking to researchers and pilots affected by the fumes. First broadcast on the German TV program Markt on 9 March 2009. English language version.

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  1. Huh. Most interesting. You know, strangely enough, in recent flights I've had two incidents where breathing became an issue onboard a flight. One on my way to Minneapolis, and another coming back from New Orleans.

    In both cases I just chalked it up to my peanut allergy getting the better of me, but it still struck me as odd, because I've been flying since I was 18 months old and even at that age, and on longer transcontinental flights where you'd think I would have been more vulnerable to such a thing, I hadn't had as much problem as I'd had on those two recent flights — to the point where I had to be given oxygen in both cases.

    I know it's highly anecdotal, but still, I know this felt different, and found both incidents strange. It does make me wonder whether this might have been a factor.

  2. The Aerotoxic Association has loads more videos, information, testimonies, scientific reports etc on this subject

  3. More information at the Aerotoxic Association …

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