‘Unbearably Creepy’ Canadian Game Show Host (Video)

I wonder if this guy is working in the Catholic Church now. A montage of clips making the rounds on the internets from a vintage Canadian game show called Just Like Mom:

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  1. Well, he's certainly skeevy as hell. Who decided to put him on television???

  2. The only way to win is not to play.

  3. WTF CANADA | Apr 16, 2010 at 6:32 pm |

    WTF Canada

  4. This guy is not qualified to work for the catholic church, he'd have to be kissing little boys to qualify.

  5. As a Canadian, I don't know what to say. He's like Richard Dawson gone horribly wrong. I never picked up on this before, but when the video started it all came back.

  6. “The mother are always so easy to kiss it's the kids”

    This guy rules. He's fucking spine-chilling. Just look at him. He'd make a great villain in some thriller flick. Look at fuckin' creepy grin. Holy shit. A kid needs therapy after just being in the same room as this motherfucker.

  7. The man thinks it is fun. But not everybody thinks it is.

  8. This is the finest game show ever. I actually had to turn my head twice – but after taking in a deep breath of smoggy air, I realized “hey, it's just a game show” and returned to viewing.

    You almost WANT him on television sexually harassing children because at least you know where he is when doing it, kinda the way I got scared when Bush's terms as president came to a close because who knows where the hell he is now and what sort of shit he's up to without a spotlight on his every move.

  9. Ewwww….

  10. Within the context of the video, it's is very creepy. But I also feel that if he was a woman, would any think twice about it? I know I think it's weird how he behaved but I'd need more information about him to make a judgement about perversion. Some men can be very into kids in a way that seems 'off' – but I think without more info, it's only feeding stereotypes to brand him a perv.

  11. The clip is gone, but take my word for it, Fergie Olver WAS creepy.

  12. The clip is gone, but take my word for it, Fergie Olver WAS creepy.

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