WikiLeaks, The Future Of Journalism And Government 2.0, With David Forbes

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David Forbes is an Asheville, NC based journalist and blogger. He’s a senior journalist at The Mountain Xpress, a regular contributor to Coilhouse (both print and online), and runs his own blog The Breaking Time. You can find him on Twitter here. As a fellow media-geek I asked David to chat with me about WikiLeaks, the future of journalism, and Government 2.0.

Klint Finley: Personally I don’t think there’s one single future for journalism, but many different futures. I think WikiLeaks is one of journalism’s futures – what do you think?

David Forbes: I would agree that there’s not one single future, just as there’s not one single past for journalism — is made up of many different methods of pursuing and conveying information. WikiLeaks represents that raw, juicy information aspect, and there is a role for that, though it’s more limited in impact that some of its apostles may think.

There’s also a desperate thirst for analysis and context, for putting information together in ways that Wikileaks can rarely do…

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  • ronnie dobbs

    ahhh, the Mountain Express. Asheville's douchiest little paper that celebrates all that is douchy about Asheville, the Trustafarian capital of the South.

  • justagirl

    we can make our own analysis mr. forbes. we just want the info.

  • justagirl

    we can make our own analysis mr. forbes. we just want the info.

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