YouTube: A History

From the Telegraph:

YouTube, the online video site, marks its fifth year this week. Here are some of the key staging posts in its history.

February 2005: YouTube founders, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim begin work on a video sharing site — they all met at PayPal.

April 2005: First video uploaded to YouTube — a video of Jawed at San Diego Zoo

November 2005: YouTube secures first round of funding with Sequoia Capital for $3.5m

December 2005: Official Launch (8m videos watched a day)

February 2006: 15m videos watched a day; 20,000 uploaded a day

May 2006: Mobile video uploads released

July 2006: 65,000 new videos uploaded every day, site passes 100m video views per day

August 2006: YouTube launches first advertising concepts — Participatory Video Ads (PVA) and Brand Channels

Autumn 2006: YouTube signs deal with three major music labels (Sony BMG, Warner, Universal)

October 2006: YouTube partners with first major network (CBS) Begins testing Content Id tool to protect copyrighted material

October 2006: YouTube partners with Audible Magic to create audio identification technology

October 2006: Google acquires YouTube for $1.65bn, says its revenues are “not material”

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