5 Media Trends To Watch

Via Mediapunk:

Here are the five media trends I’m watching and will focus on in future articles on this site:

  • Sources and advertisers going direct
  • Context is King
  • Journalist as brand
  • Reporting as service
  • Media companies as technology companies
  • I have a heavy emphasis on journalism, but most of these actually apply to other media fields as well.

    Sources and advertisers going direct

    Dave Winer coined the the phrase “sources go direct” to describe how organizations and individuals are routing around traditional media by using their own web sites and social media. Jay Rosen, as I recall, used the phrase “advertisers going direct” as well.

    Another expression of this trend comes from Tom Foremski: Every Company is a Media Company.

    But this is by no means limited to companies – activists, watchdog groups, whistle blowers, politicians, sporting leagues (which I guess are usually companies), etc. are now media organizations and all individuals are now media personalities.

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