Can “Open Source” Save Science From Greed?

The transhumanist convening the first “Open Science Summit” at Harvard urges us to free “our scientific and technological commons” and enable “a new era of decentralized, distributed innovation to solve our greatest challenges.”


Joseph Jackson is calling for “a renegotiation of the social contract for science,” arguing that our current patent system stifles innovation. “All sorts of biases and agendas creep into our science and technology policy, affecting which paths are taken, and who controls the outputs of research… If obsolete business models focused on proprietary short-term advantage lead to the wrong platform in synthetic biology or nanotech, it may be game over.

“Digital rights management is problematic enough. Imagine ‘Neurological Rights Management’ asserted over your brain-machine interface.”

This is my favorite line. “At Harvard I studied political philosophy, or ‘political science,’ in the mistaken belief that government and politics were one of mankind’s most important tools for solving collective action

“I’ve since become an anarchist!”

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  1. lets get over lets get over our selves.

  2. People are making profits? O noes! We'd better put a stop to it! Quick, to the leftymobile! Let's shame them into feeling bad for wanting compensation for their hard work and expertise.

    • Hadrian999 | May 23, 2010 at 11:17 pm |

      wow If you are going to keep posting the same tired glennbough talking points at least make a real account and get credit

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