Chavez Uses State Funds to Hire 200 Staffers to Manage Twitter Account

Chavez may be a bit loony, but he does live in 21st century. This article from The Raw Story might be just the job posting you are looking for.

from Valter Campanato at Wikimedia Commons

Photo: Valter Campanato/ABr (CC)

Just days after his new Twitter account became a must-read in Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez said he was setting up a special office with 200 staff and public funds to handle requests supporters Tweet him.”I’ve created my own Chavezcandanga mission to answer (the messages) and we’re even going to create a fund for the mission to provide many things that are now missing and that are urgent,” Chavez said late Saturday during a televised cabinet meeting.

He said the public fund will be used to make the most needed improvements in the country that his followers bring to his attention, such as in the health care and housing sectors.

Chavez late last month opened his Twitter account and it quickly took top billing in the South American country with an estimated 248,000 followers.

Chavez’s profile name combines his own name with the word “Candanga,” which in Venezuela is used to refer to someone naughty or wild.

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  • tonyviner

    Does anyone else sense a feud between him and Sarah Palin? That is the one thing that would get me to use Twitter.

  • 5by5

    No, Chavez knows just how irrelevant she really is. Why would he bother?

  • Anon

    He doesn’t have a teenaged niece to handle his twitter?

  • Anon

    He doesn't have a teenaged niece to handle his twitter?