Did A UFO Fly Over New Jersey This Week?


Photo: David Gard/For The Star-Ledger

I don’t know what this is, but my first move would not be to call 911. Not sure what a terrestrial phone operator is going to do for you (unless that was all part of the alien plan…) Stephen Stirling writes in the Star-Ledger:

Police said they were swamped with phone calls after a flurry of callers reported to radio station NJ 101.5 that a UFO was flying above the area. Residents then began calling the Somerville Police Department to report the object.

“I first noticed when all our mechanics started looking up at the sky,” said Terry Weil, a sales associate at Honda Autosport in Bridgewater. “It looked like a big black strip fluttering in the air. Maybe a cylinder.”

Somerville Police Lt. Donna Young said authorities were not sure what the object was, but said it caused no problems other than tying up police phone lines shortly before noon.

“We have no idea what it was but it did not cause any problems here in Somerville,” she said. “We are under the impression that it might be a weather balloon or something like that, but regardless, it did not cause any problems whatsoever.”

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  1. Note to potential UFO photographers:

    A.) Focus your camera to infinity.

    B.) If you don't have a tripod, stabilize your shot with some immovable object like a tree, or wall. or fence.

    C.) try to get a building or other known ground-based object in the shot so we can gauge relative size and distance.

    D.) If it's a night shot, don't use your flash.

    E.) Only call 911 if you're actually being abducted (not that it'll help). Otherwise, call the non-emergency number for the fuzz.

  2. seamusdubh | May 15, 2010 at 10:51 pm |

    I used to make these in cub scouts when I was a kid.
    Hell I made one not two years ago with my niece
    A child's science toy.
    Look it up.
    Some kid just let one go to see how it would go.

  3. Relax! Its just Grant Morrison's Supercontext, there will be more

  4. I'm pretty sure my solar tube balloon will look like a giant black cock and balls.
    Look for it floating over your house tomorrow.


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