Fox News Calls Mister Rogers An Evil Man

Mister RogersWTF, Fox News? Interesting article from government_employee on Prose Before Hos:

Little did I know, Mr. Rogers was an evil man. By telling children they’re special just for being who they are, he helped create this generation of worthless, lazy socialists who think they’re entitled to health care … at least according to Fox News.

They actually use the word “evil” to describe Mr. Rogers and criticize him for his “optimistic message where everyone was special even if they didn’t deserve it”, which is “ruining kids with a sense of entitlement.” Then one of them starts babbling about how children should go back to churning butter and making their own sweaters. Fox’s Brian Kilmeade said “that man unintentionally did a whole generation or two a disservice.” Only on Fox could a man who spent his life dedicated to public service and education be blamed for ruining generations of Americans.

And if you are interested in the ’study’ done by the LSU professor, it’s available at the Wall Street Journal: Blame It on Mr. Rogers: Why Young Adults Feel So Entitled.

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  1. Vastarien | May 1, 2010 at 3:29 pm |

    How DARE they?!!!
    Fred Rogers is as close to being a true saint as we are likely to see on this world.
    He was NEVER anything less than kind, gentle, patient and wise. He was truly the best of what a human can be, and to have those pigs attempt to smear his name is nothing less than an outrage against decency.
    Rest in peace, dear neighbor, and know that you will always be loved.

  2. tonyviner | May 1, 2010 at 5:04 pm |

    That was really strange. It is not at all odd that Fox would be spewing nonsense like that. I guess, according to them, everyone is not equal after all, you have to work hard producing for our capitalist overlords to have that wonderful title bestowed upon you. Anymore it isn't even that Fox is able to produce nonsense like this that makes me angry, it is that people believe this stuff. They buy it hook, line and sinker without giving it a second thought. Robots that are content working for the man and living in their little fantasy worlds where they are cared about by those with money.

    The video was absolutely one of the strangest things that I have seen in quite sometime. I don't know if it was because the whole time it was playing I was screaming and yelling at the screen with nary a response to be had, or what. This kind of stuff just boggles the mind. I am not completely averse to the notion that morning television programs aimed at children are bad, I think they are for a lot of reasons, but there is certainly nothing wrong with working to build a child's self-esteem, and let's face it, if a kid is stuck in front of a screen with a stranger telling them about life then it can likely be assumed that they are not getting the character building attention that a child needs from their parents. The whole thing was just weird.

  3. Since when does “you're special because you're you,” equate with “the world owes you a living?” I grew up watching Mr. Rogers and I never, ever got that kind of message from it. Maybe this “scholar” missed the point. Completely. This concept of inherent “specialness” has, as I have understood it, absolutely nothing to do with being deserving of anything. There's no “earning” something that is already a part of you. My only questions for this boneheaded person would be, “who's paying you to make such a jackass of yourself publicly,” and “what's their agenda, assuming you know anything about it?” Of course, I could be wrong and this person is just inherently a jackass.

  4. Yeah, Fred Rogers. What a bastard. He made kids feel good about themselves and volunteered at a prison ministering to convicts in his spare time. How dare he!

    Seriously. Faux Nooz has no shame — and are apparently desperate for ANYONE to pay attention to them after Glen Beck cost them all that advertising revenue.

  5. Word Eater | May 1, 2010 at 6:25 pm |

    He would NOT like to be their neighbor.

  6. I don't think they seriously think mr. rogers is to blame, they're just having fun with it.

  7. foox news … aren't THEY special?

  8. dumbsaint | May 1, 2010 at 7:45 pm |

    That awesome yellow sweater he's wearing disproves any claims of evilness.

  9. Children should know that they don't deserve to live, they aren't entitled to life, unless they have money or obey/work for someone who has money.

  10. I guess the “fat cat bankers” and Wall Street too big too fail types were regular Mr. Rogers viewers since they feel entitled to our tax money while our kid's future is being trashed. It is time these corporate oligarch's walk the walk and stop sucking the tit of society and make a living on their own. Shame Fox News!

  11. Fuck Fox…why should we expect anythings else? They would defame an ex-Marine who served with honor…because they are the most violently partisan, anti American traitors this country has ever tolerated. Fuck them with a poison tipped jackhammer.

  12. The JoeBot | May 2, 2010 at 3:17 am |

    It's true that if Mr. Rogers had belted those neighborhood kids and handed them a weed-eater–instead of offering free cookies and casual conversation–we would have a lot less weeds in our lawns.

    Still, should we be so swift to damn the man?

    If it wasn't for Mr. Rogers, I probably wouldn't change into special inside clothes when I come home to my various imaginary friends. Some would call that OCD germ paranoia bordering on schizophrenia, but I call it class.

  13. Dr. Prof. Holierthanthou | May 2, 2010 at 12:12 pm |

    He had an impressive number of kills during the Korean War. I guess FOX only likes supporting veterans during their wars.

  14. billmarauder | May 2, 2010 at 6:05 pm |

    If you fucknuts would shut up and listen once in a while, you might notice that Fox was reporting on a study. I love it…you refer to it as a “study” with those contempatble quotes. I suppose that you do that to any study with which you disagree. Where do you teach college, Mr. Bernado. The sad part is that most of your abyssmally ignorant “readers” will buy into the story without finding out for themselves. You are pathetic and you truly suck. Look out dipstick, we are taking it back from His Highness and hsi little band of useful idoits such as yourself. Eat shit, Mr. Bernado.

    • Wow, talk about shooting the messenger. If you'd like to spend some time thinking instead of being ornery, you might take up your issues with the source of the post. However, I wouldn't want to pass that sort of misery on anyone.

      Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing.

    • Well, Bill, you have to understand something. When one finds so many “idoits” in one place, and they turn out to be useful, he or she must surely find the exploitation of their collective power to be irresistible. But if one were to become so audacious and cruel as to call these idoits retarded, or con…tem…pat-blah (to use your term), or “special” in the polite parlance (as Mr. Rogers did consistently), one can expect a furious uprising of the brain-damaged and genetically off-beat.

      See, for instance, the more unruly elements in the Tea Party movement.

      According to Dr. Ferrell's comprehensive study: “Idoits Rule.” Dr. Pop documented the superiority of their nightclubbing mating strategy in evolutionary terms–so persuasive, in fact, that poor Dr. Curtis hung himself in horror. Might I suggest, Bill, that as you go out maurauding for these “fucknuts,” “idoits,” and “dipsticks,” you keep in mind that it is best to let the world think you are a fool, rather than to hammer at your keyboard and dispel all doubt.

      • PS. Who is this “Mr. Bernado”? He sounds like the man responsible for the burning tornadoes that just ripped through the South. If he is indeed responsible for these great pillars of flame–as well as the lazy youths of the world–I suggest that you and I post very nasty, grammatically erratic messages for him.

    • @Bill
      He put “study” in quotes because there was no actual research done in said “study.” Some crotchety old asshole decided that “Gall-durned youngsters today feel so self-entitled. It's that durn Mister Rogers!”

      There was no study at all. He just fucking decided that's what the 'problem' was. Then FOX reports on this as if it's actually legitimate in the slightest.

  15. stupiddumb | May 3, 2010 at 6:12 am |

    The world needs a lot more Mr. Rogers and a lot less fox news.
    There should be a channel that plays Mr. Rogers 24/7

  16. Fox loves broad sweeping statements don't they? Mister Rogers isn't the root of the problem.Who turned on the tv? Who let them watch the program? Who didn't speak to their child about values? The parents that is who are at the core of a child who feels entitled. At some point that child has to take responsible for their actions in life. Fox's statement just enforces a lack of responsibility. To think they call themselves fair and balanced! They had no one from Mister Rogers' corner.

  17. It sounds like the woman who actually said “evil” was being sarcastic and doesn't believe any of this report. She couldn't stop laughing.

  18. Wow, I can't believe I'm standing up for fox. Didn't you watch the video? They were clearly joking around and having some fun about it. “evil evil man” was said sarcastically and one even said “oh no hes not”. Of course that didn't make it into your article though. It's a shame that with all the nonsense fox emits on a daily basis you pick the one six minute clip where they're being fine.
    Take a few seconds to actually watch the video before you start with the “how dare they!?”

  19. Thanks for the link! 🙂

  20. I watched Mr. Rogers for years and yet never gave him a thought when it came to what my purpose or passion would be in life. I went to college, became an accountant for many years and am now a stay-at-home mom to three children. Even if I had ended up as an uneducated fast-food chain employee, I still could not understand the role Mr. Rogers would have played in my decision. This is the most bizarre analogy I have ever seen. I think the person who did this study needs their head examined!

  21. Neighbor | May 3, 2010 at 1:16 pm |

    Correlation is not the same as causation

  22. No big surprise Fox would try to vilify this man. Anyone who would say something like:
    “Maybe I'm going on too long, but I just feel that anything that allows a person to be more active in the control of his or her life, in a healthy way, is important.” in regards to television programming, is going to be an enemy of Fox News.

  23. Someone who hates on brown | May 3, 2010 at 1:42 pm |

    This is cause enough for me to completely dismiss anything fox news ever has to say… srsly someone needs to beat the shit out of some fox news faggots

  24. You Dopes | May 3, 2010 at 1:52 pm |

    You idiots – Fox News is making fun of the morons who ran university studies saying Mr. Rogers is evil. They're sticking up for the man.

    Your hate for a friggin' news channel has blinded your sense of understanding. Good going dopes.

    • You win the 'missed the giant neon clue' award for today!

      Point is this, since you need help getting it: Only Faux and Fux in the Morning would give this much time and attentive detail and serious debate to a subject this retarded. They act vaguely like they're debating it, but they still hammer the study's conclusion home over and over again, before bringing in an 'expert' at the end to dispute it. Asshattery needs no refutation, and no air time.

      Only Fox would roll in complete poop for that long…a channel with self respect or no agenda would dismiss a non-issue from a retarded whackjob and not even air it.

      Oh…and what we really hate is people so effing retarded that they can't catch crap this freaking simple. That's okay tho…Sarah Palin will stick up for you…'cuz you and Trig are 'special' in your own way.

  25. How entitled must you feel to make a report on how entitled another generation is?

    • Phronemophile | May 4, 2010 at 1:40 am |

      I still remember reading a complaint to the effect that the upcoming generation was lazy, felt a sense of entitlement, and would be the ruin of the world.

      It was inscribed on a Babylonian potsherd and is thought to be about 5,000 years old.

  26. he's in good company, they killed Socrates…

  27. Are you insane? For starters, they did not come up with the opinion, they were reporting on one man's opinion. They are not calling Mr. Rogers evil, they are saying that one guy says Mr. Rogers' idea of being special just because you are you is responsible for the overwhelming sense of entitlement. I am not a fox news apologist, I just think that claiming these blatant falsehoods makes this website look bad.

    • Let me direct you about 4 comments down.

      This site doesn't post what it advocates…it doesn't advocate anything…and generally the point of a post by a user is to bring attention to something…not always to endorse it. In this case, it is pretty clear that the post is intended to bring attention to how low the quality of discussion has fallen on Faux…because they were scraping the bottom of the journalism barrel before…but for this…they must have pitched the barrel and just grabbed shovels to dig for a new record low.

  28. Well, it does explain how an entire generation of kids grew up feeling like it was the worlds job to give them anything they want on demand and give nothing in return.

    • ah…you must mean the children of the reagan revolution…yeah…what a bunch of self obsessed dicks…gimme gimme gimme…i deserve everything and free, orderly society…but no taxes or responsibilities or expectation to respect others…

      maybe that study was onto something!…Holy Crap!!!! ROGERS IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CREATION OF THE FOX NETWORKS BIGGEST FANS!!!

  29. repubssuck | May 3, 2010 at 2:42 pm |

    It's fun to watch retards like these talk. It's amusing. Fox makes me laugh… this almost beats Family Guy except its real and just sad.

  30. landie777yahoocom | May 3, 2010 at 3:03 pm |

    Okay…I watch FOX News, and I generally like it. This thing about Mr. Rogers is ridiculous! He was a good man. How about they check out what he did behind the scenes with letters to children, etc. Talk to the parents about whether or not their children have a sense of entitlement, not Mr. Rogers.

  31. And this is why I don't pay for cable. Idiots what are we in the novel “1984” and kids look up to rogers as big brother, the be all and end all of there youth? You know what is going to screw up kids? BRATZ! and maybe Elmo which I thought was pretty cool when I was a kid.

  32. The Wire Monkey | May 3, 2010 at 3:25 pm |

    I just learned how to annoy my brothers by putting the word “meow” before everything syllable.

  33. leanne890 | May 3, 2010 at 3:37 pm |

    This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard! What about the generation that is wasting there time on studying this, what kind of shows did they watch to make them do a stupid study on Mr. Rogers? I'm very sure there are many OTHER different things that they could be studying and spending there time on. I like that part in the video about why the parents are letting them watch these t.v. shows. Why aren't the parents showing their children that going outside and playing and running around is more beneficial, not only for there well-being but just the act of getting out there and seeing the world and exploring.. Sure Mr.Rogers in some peoples eyes may have put out a bad/wrong concept to kids but how many other shows out there are doing the same, what about shows like power rangers and transformers etc. That's showing violence, what about these shows. Don't these have a part in kids upbringing? Don't just blame this all on one person when it is many things combined that are shaping the kids today. How about not buy the kids Xbox but buy them a bike, or instead of them sitting down watching t.v. take them out and play basketball or soccer??

  34. really????.......... | May 3, 2010 at 3:40 pm |

    These people just want to blame their own inadequacies as parents on another person because they are too stubborn to admit that they are wrong. I'm sorry but parents influence their childrens' behaviors more than any other input, whether it be media, educator, or friends. If a child is raised properly 9 times out of 10 they will become a responsible, respectful member of society.

    Admit it, the baby boomer generation was the original gimme generation, they have now become parents and passed it on to their children, yet for some reason do not see the error in their own ways and only the errors in others.

    Good job Fox News, please continue dumbing down America with your one sided propaganda, and continue to make the rest of the world look better and more intelligent.

    I thank you……..

  35. Wow, the news is really starting to push their failure too far.

  36. Yes, because parenting had less sway over that generation…

  37. GoodDoktorBad | May 3, 2010 at 4:12 pm |

    I was never thrilled with Mr. Rogers. That pandering, infantilizing tone really annoyed me as a child. I was never into that cornball stuff….and thought his show was just plain boring. The fact that his show was so “goody two shoes” was why I didn't like it…..Labeling him an “evil” man could never be farther from a description any sane man would give.
    FOX News….Burn in Hell….

  38. Mr. Rogers | May 3, 2010 at 4:14 pm |

    Fox news is evil.

  39. I think that Fox was being fair and balanced, however they were debating a completely bs study. There was a consensus that kids today have too much entitlement and that that is a bad thing, which I would argue is coming from the greediest of all generations, the baby boomers themselves. The argument became is Mr. Rogers the primary source of this feeling of this entitlement, NOT do kids today have too much entitlement.

    A reasonable person knows that that study was terrible. It is sad that they can't find an actually balanced study, where the better side isn't obvious. However, these guys haven't even caught on to global warming yet, so they don't have any hope.

  40. Are you serious right now? Seriously? Wow….. Sorry he was trying to help kids think they are special and not a peice of shit. Some kids need(needed) that when they were growing up. He's not to blame for kids laziness.

  41. She used the word “evil” facetiously, dumb ass.

  42. Goddamnit. You don't fuck with Fred Rogers! Fuck you, Fox News.

  43. If Mr. Rogers hadn't taught me better, I'd want to set Fox News on fire.

  44. Voice O. Reason | May 3, 2010 at 6:53 pm |

    Really? Honestly, this seems like Fox hating pure and simple. All they did was report on a study out of LSU (a legitimate institution). They aren't speculating and pulling this out of thin air, they're reporting the news. And this is from 2007! Why the sudden uproar? Whatever though, haters gonna hate.

  45. Michelle | May 3, 2010 at 7:55 pm |

    This is good, because it just shows what Fox news really is. They just keep making themselves look worse and worse, showing their true colors. Fox News, the shame of America.

  46. Um I think it's the parents who baby their kids and wont discipline them or make do chores… In tee ball I won like everyone else but then we started loosing but the coach was supportive. God Don't Blame a man who wanted to good for a parents lack of parenting

  47. mgrisanti | May 4, 2010 at 7:38 am |

    Nothing can tarnish the good name of Mr. Rogers.

  48. perzephone | May 4, 2010 at 1:21 pm |

    Is it correlation or causation that, since I thought Mr. Rogers was too boring to sit through when I was a kid, I grew up without that astounding sense of entitlement? I still don't believe the world owes me anything. In fact, most days, I feel like I'm the world's bitch, especially when it comes to paying taxes.

  49. Fred Mertz | May 4, 2010 at 1:48 pm |

    How do you guys stay on the air? Oh I forgot, there's a bush relative at fox.

  50. Fred Mertz | May 4, 2010 at 1:48 pm |

    How do you stay on the air? oh yeah, a bush works at fux.

  51. Fox news is…. seriously, NOT news!!!!!! What the hell is wrong with you people. Stop pointing the finger at everyone else in the world. Take a look in the mirror for all the problems in your world.

  52. Donnie Boucher | May 4, 2010 at 8:46 pm |

    Of course Fox News is going to down an American Icon. Fox News is owned and controlled by a foreign national whose intentions for America are questionable.

  53. The funny thing is mister rogers was on the air even when they were kids!

  54. SwtPoison7 | May 5, 2010 at 8:58 am |

    OMG…are you fucking serious..hahaha..Mr Rogers is Evil…lol…FOX go FUCK URSELF…you look like fools up there…

  55. Hardworking fan of MrRogers | May 5, 2010 at 10:20 am |

    What complete bs, Mr. Rogers can not be blamed for the parents not doing their job. Worthless, lazy parents = worthless, lazy children.

  56. Are you kidding me? We are going to blame a man who dedicated himself to this Country and tried helping in making a difference in this world for problems “this generation has.” I'm so sick of people pointing fingers and finding someone else to blame. One television show can't influence a whole life, many factors play into that. I believe telling a child they are special encourages them to realize they are worth something and can do anything they work hard for and set their mind to. A person should automatically be instilled with knowing they are worth something..gosh Mr. Rogers, how dare you help with that! One man cannot be blamed for the way someone goes about living their life..parents, teachers, friends, and etc. play a huge role in that as well. Let's not blame a sincere man for someone elses' screw up. I'm just glad Fred Rogers didn't make himself look like a one track minded idiot, and actually had hope for the people in this world. Way to make yourself look intelligent Fox News. P.S. I watched this show almost daily and I got good grades all through school, am now enrolled in Massage Therapy School, work hard, and plan to travel the world experiencing life when I graduate..soooo I guess he really screwed me up. HAHAHA! What a joke FOX, what a joke. 😉

  57. justagirl | May 6, 2010 at 10:12 am |

    that song always goes off in my head when someone puts their foot up to tie their shoe – “it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood…”. i adored mr. rogers when i was a kid.
    by the way – DANG those were some cackling hags on the news! and “ahem” to the cinematography.

  58. As a college student I watched Mr Rogers when I was feeling low and overwhelmed. I always felt more relaxed and up-beat after being told “I like you just the way you are”. Everyday in every way; one more reason NOT to watch Fox News!

  59. Anonymous | May 28, 2010 at 8:39 pm |

    “Little by little we human beings are confronted with situations that give us more and more clues that we are not perfect. “
    — Fred Rogers
    They like to take one snippet and take that as complete. So we should not take their snippets either? LOL

  60. Kitfoxnova | Jun 15, 2010 at 3:19 am |

    It's rather amusing actually, that people are speaking out against this broadcast in extremely reprehensible ways that I'm sure Mister Rogers would not approve of. Mister Rogers was a wonderfully forgiving man, and if you cannot bother to turn the other cheek and take this broadcast with a grain of salt and to see it for the dramatic media tripe that it is, then you really have not learned what that absolutely magnificent man was here to teach us us.

    I will simply say this: Fox news and LSU, you ought to know better. You're just digging yourselves a bigger hole.

  61. TyeDyeButterfly | Jul 2, 2010 at 2:20 pm |

    If anything these dumb asses are just giving people of my generation an excuse to fall back on. They also obviously have no psychological training what so ever. I think the worst influences on children are their own parents, we are a product of our parents. We don't need to be entertained to learn, the only reason why they came up with children's television shows is because our parents have to be entertained to learn shit too. Hence we have jack asses like this on television, ALSO I just wanted to put out there that if we were at home churning butter and making our own sweaters, these ass holes wouldn't have the high priced life style they they do because we wouldn't have a need for news anchors and shit. I mean if anything is wrong with this country its capitalism and the system of keeping the rich on top and happy with shit that they don't need. Not how the children are growing up. Listen, an hour of Mr. Rodgers a day is not going to affect us more than the interactions children face on a daily basis with the adults around them. This study was done and posted for more or less shock value, because thats what makes the news, its not our fault you dumb asses bought into it.

  62. Chaz111tb | Aug 6, 2010 at 1:00 pm |

    Mr. Rogers was not an evil man. Now Gay, that is another story. He was a queer.

  63. FredRogers | Aug 14, 2010 at 6:12 pm |

    Mr. Rogers, the man who created a show that touched the hearts of millions of people, the same man who won over 40 honorary degrees from colleges and universities, that same man who In 1968, was appointed Chairman of the Forum on Mass Media and Child Development of the White House Conference on Youth. And yes, the very same man who In 2002 was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, in recognition of his contribution to the well-being of children and a career in public television that demonstrates the importance of kindness, compassion, and learning. God bless him, he was a great person. The ridiculous claim made by a finance proffesor named Don Chance is absurd. He is not a psychiatrist or psychologist, he is some finance man who comes up with a claim that Mr. Rogers made children have the feeling that they were 'entitled' to get more of what they want and that they didn't have to work to get what they wanted. Mr. Rogers told kids that they were special because he wanted to point out that they were great people no matter who they were or what their origins are. FOX needs to stop blaming Mr. Rogers for the faults of lazy parents and adults and look at the real problem… THEMSELVES.

  64. That is definitely one of the most ridiculous garbage filled segments I’ve seen on television, let alone FOX News. The sad part is they get paid for doing such a disservice to a good man. Just another perfect example of Con-selfserve-atives & Re-thug-licans.

  65. That is definitely one of the most ridiculous garbage filled segments I've seen on television, let alone FOX News. The sad part is they get paid for doing such a disservice to a good man. Just another perfect example of Con-selfserve-atives & Re-thug-licans.

  66. 1. The Mr. Rogers show told children that they are special no matter what
    2. Study implies that children taught (1) end up acting as if they are entitled to good things later in life
    3. People should have to work hard for good things–not feel entitled
    4. Working hard and not feeling entitled is being “responsible”
    5. Entitled people tend to blame others for their shortcomings
    6. Responsible do not blame others; they take *responsibility* for their actions/life
    7. The Fox news anchors did (5) and not (6)

  67. 1. The Mr. Rogers show told children that they are special no matter what
    2. Study implies that children taught (1) end up acting as if they are entitled to good things later in life
    3. People should have to work hard for good things–not feel entitled
    4. Working hard and not feeling entitled is being “responsible”
    5. Entitled people tend to blame others for their shortcomings
    6. Responsible do not blame others; they take *responsibility* for their actions/life
    7. The Fox news anchors did (5) and not (6)

  68. Anarchy Wolf | Jul 4, 2011 at 7:07 am |

    You’re right. the people shouldn’t feel “entitled” they should be working in the mines for the benefit of their Holy Capitalist masters, who maybe will toss them a bone if they can increase production another 45%.

  69. Anarchy Pony | Jul 4, 2011 at 3:07 am |

    You’re right. the people shouldn’t feel “entitled” they should be working in the mines for the benefit of their Holy Capitalist masters, who maybe will toss them a bone if they can increase production another 45%.

  70. Anarchy Wolf | Jul 4, 2011 at 7:08 am |

    Is babylon around anymore? 

  71. Fox, you’re special.

  72. Fox, you’re special.

  73. Fox, you’re special.

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