Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty/Big Brother TV Ad: “We Know Who You Are”

This Pennsylvania state government ad threatens people who choose not to pay income tax with big brother surveillance. It’s just a shame the feds cant use such tactics against people like Timothy Geithner and the myriad of other insiders who routinely evade taxes.

2 Comments on "Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty/Big Brother TV Ad: “We Know Who You Are”"

  1. I would like to do a tally on the Pennsylvania suicide rate after the deadline….but then again, who cares, one less “criminal” to deal with. Take their $40,000 home and run with it PA!!!!

  2. And how much of these tax dollars does the government spend on surveillance of citizens when the profit would be greater if they were doing something productive. Teaching children, growing food, making something….Government is just getting too big for us to afford….and it is creepy knowing you are being watched and it creates a psychosis of the person being watched and the watcher. Lets change this!

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