Pentacostal Drum ‘n Bass

Join fundamentalist fervor with a high-tech acoustic savagery, and you are prepared for the cleansing fury of Baptazia.  Be sure to turn up the bass.

You know it’s real when you feel the power of the Spirit.

Joe Allen

Joe Allen climbs steel structures and solves math equations for appalling pop bands. His spare time is split between reading, writing, and mountaineering.

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  • Muskamj

    Looks a lot like hardcore “dancing” to me…

  • mcgibbo

    Old Skool, awesome!!

  • nemoide

    This is pretty great too:
    (Using Slayer with a lot of the same footage.)

    • Mok


      That made my day!

    • tonyviner

      No day is complete without a little Slayer. Come to think of it, now would be the perfect time for a little “God Hates Us All,” by far my fondest memory from the morning of September 11, 2001, although Danny coming in yelling “we're under attack” was pretty darn good too.

  • vicwiz

    I saw this a while back and i was thinking about searching for it again because it is the best thing ever. Disinfo is my wheel of fortune.

  • Fabian_Ramos

    feels good to dance…