President Obama Ordered An Assassination Against An American Citizen…

And then, there’s that Predator drone joke. 1273114175744From Nick Pell at Black Sun Gazette:

Before I launch into an extended rant about the recent BP exploision, I wanted to highlight something that I thought was very important.

At a recent Washington Correspondents Association, President Barack Obama made an off-handed joke about using predator drones to keep the Jonas Brothers off his daughters. I know that this is one of those many times where I’m going to be told that I’m overreacting.

But let’s think for a second about the record of Barack Obama. A man who ran for office on promises of “hope and change” quickly proved that he was the same type of establishment hack as the man who sat in the chair before him. This was proven, above all, by maintaining the status quo in the Department of Defense, despite being elected in large part due to a massive backlash against American involvement in two imperialist wars.

There are real victims of American attacks on Pakistan with predator drones, many of them children. Over a thousand civilians are known to have been killed by predator drone attacks since they began in Pakistan. Further, Barack Obama has ordered not just predator drone attacks that kill civilians in Afghanistan. He is also the first President in world history to order an assassination against an American citizen.

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5 Comments on "President Obama Ordered An Assassination Against An American Citizen…"

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  2. Although I agree with the valid complaints and concerns…I have to disagree with the demotivator pic. Just by virtue of being able to speak and produce an educational transcript that was earned instead of purchased, BO has already outpaced his predecessor by a wide margin.

    There is literally only just so offended I can manage to be with BO…because after 8 years with the last dingleberry you could literally dip me in shit and light me on fire and I would still be happier than I was between 2001 and 2008

    Admittedly, it's the difference between being rodeo f&*ked without lube for 8 years and then suddenly finding out that it isn't quite as bad with a splash of KY…but I'll take my change for the better where I can find it, and keep pushing for something a little better next time.

  3. Yeah, it's not funny.

    It's not funny when Obama jokes about taking out Americans with drones.

    It wasn't funny when Bush joked about not finding weapons of mass destruction under his desk while millions are dying in an unnecessary war he started because of the myth of them.

    It wasn't funny when Reagan joked about launching nuclear missiles during the height of Soviet-U.S. tension while 15,000 nukes are on a hair trigger.

    Some things, shouldn't be joked about by the man who has his finger on the button.

    Leave the humor up to the professional comedians. And PS. that's the only reason why that stupid Correspondent's Dinner was relevant in the first place — because a comedian got up there and had the balls to tell the pompous Beltway crowd in both the media and government what raging asshats they all are — to their faces, on film, for the public to witness.

    That was relevant because those people NEEDED to be spanked and humiliated publicly. Once Colbert was done, the rest of us were done with that event, which by it's nature is nauseating — which is the whole reason why Colbert said what he said in the first place. Nobody wants to see a bunch of rich people slapping each other on the back “poking fun” at each other, while they're screwing us every other day.

    • Best line: “Don’t pay attention to the approval ratings that say 68 percent of Americans disapprove of the job he is doing. I ask you this: Does that not also logically mean that 68 percent of Americans approve of the job he’s not doing?”

      That nigga's mad funny.

  4. Best line: “Don’t pay attention to the approval ratings that say 68 percent of Americans disapprove of the job he is doing. I ask you this: Does that not also logically mean that 68 percent of Americans approve of the job he’s not doing?”

    That nigga’s mad funny.

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