Randy Marsh and the Paradox of Thrift

Randy MarshWill Shannon writes at Diatribe Media:

A grateful world (myself included) has learned so much from South Park over its fourteen seasons and (now) 200 episodes. We have learned that: pig and elephant DNA just don’t splice, the true nature of God, Canadians and their flappy heads are not to be trusted, the rainforest sucks, Bono is really a living piece of shit, Family Guy is really “written” by trained manatees, clouds of “smug” are far more dangerous than smog and that Kyle’s mom is a big, fat, fucking bitch.

This is but a small sample of the lessons taught by Messrs. Marsh, Broflovsky, Cartman and McCormick and the other denizens of that hick-assed, redneck, white bread mountain town. South Park has really been a cultural touchstone, entering the debate on issues and ideas in a way that few other animated shows ever have.

So, when I saw the episode, “Margaritaville” last year (you can watch it here), I saw another “teachable moment” in their treatment of the economic crisis of 2007-whenever.

We educators love stuff like this, when pop culture intersects with academic topics. Is this just our lame attempt to “connect” with our students? I really don’t care much. I thought it was funny and insightful, so in it goes.

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