The Black Fridays: Esoteric Jam Session With Tracy Twyman

The Black Fridays Episode 18 — Tracy Twyman

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tracy twymanWes flies solo tonight and is joined in an esoteric jam session with none other than Tracy Twyman. Tracy should be no stanger to our listerners as she is one of the most prolific researchers covering our little corner of the world.

Covering everything from the Grail Legends to Tracy’s metamorphasis into a first-class economic researcher, we cover just about everything she has ever done! We hope you enjoy…

You can find Tracy here and here is Tracy’s new podcast.


Wes is the Co-host of "The Black Fridays" Podcast. His work experience was taken him around the world including four years living and working in Moscow, Russia while working in the NASA/MIR Programs and the International Space Station Program. His interests in the esoteric include, conspiracies, the unexplained, and the social influence of "Distractor-Issues." His educational background is in Electronic Engineering and Anthropology with a special emphasis on Biblical Anthropology and the Crusades.