The Black Fridays Meet Mysterious Universe’s Ben and Aaron

The Black Fridays Episode 17 — Ben Grundy and Aaron Wright

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mu_logoThat’s right, the guys from Austrailia’s Mysterious Universe drop in to talk shop, UFO’s, the Paranormal, and all things Mysterious.

We had a wonderful time talking to those guys, and look forward to chatting again in the future! We hope you all enjoy the show.

You can learn more about Mysterious Universe at: www.

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  • Snakefinger

    Yes the boys at “Mysterious Universe” are good value, they're quite entertaining, the only criticism I have of them is their tendency to make a point of distancing themselves from a story that may seem a bit “out there”.
    This attitude unwittingly helps the debunkers. If it wasn't for this tendency of theirs I'd say that they're of the same calibre as the USA's Coast to Coast AM who simply tell the story or similarly, allow their interviewees to say their piece without even a hint of criticism. It's a real shame, they're a couple of talented and intelligent lads, they just need to toughen up a bit and not fear what people might think of them.

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