The World of Tomorrow… In 1939 (photo)

The 1939 vision of the future looks a lot like Epcot Center…  I wonder how history would have unfolded if humanity had avoided the Second World War.  See for a full gallery from the 1939/1940 World’s Fair.



The New York World’s Fair of 1939 and 1940 promised visitors they would be looking at the “World of Tomorrow.” Not everything they saw there came true, but plenty was close. One reason for that was the fair’s own lasting influence on American architecture and industrial design.

It was a futuristic city inspired by the pages — and covers — of pulp science fiction: huge geometric shapes, sweeping curves, plenty of glass and chromium, and gleaming white walls. The fair was the last great blossoming of the Streamlined Moderne style of Art Deco. It was also heavily influenced by the still-rising International Style of such architects as Le Corbusier and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

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  • jess

    burning man?

  • tonyviner

    I miss the old future. Shiny clothes, flying cars, monsters… All we are gonna have now are a bunch of floods, resource wars, and death. Don't forget about all the death. At least we will always have Twitter and Facebook, hopefully one day they will make as much of a difference as people say they do now.

    • dumbsaint
      • tonyviner

        Thanks. That is actually one of my favorite things of all time. Every time I think about flying cars that comes into my head, even when I wrote that up there. I saw Kevin Smith live the other night. That guy will talk for hours. I saw this when it aired on Leno and for the longest time I was going around with a shitty VHS of this making all my friends watch it.

        • dumbsaint

          Was it a live Smod? Either way I'm totally jealous. The man could have just made a career out of standing around talking shit, never mind the films

  • oman28

    Great photos. That would have been mind blowing in 1939.

  • Anonymous

    Was it a live Smod? Either way I’m totally jealous. The man could have just made a career out of standing around talking shit, never mind the films

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