Urban Superheroes: Wu-Tang Clan

wutang4From Nick Pell at Red Star Times:

Hip-hop was an early love of mine. When I was but a wee lad not much music excited me. But the sounds of Run-DMC and (don’t laugh) The Fat Boys were groups I loved at a very early age. By the time I was an adolescent my sounds were the usual mish-mash of a kid searching for what he liked–Bad Religion, Nirvana, The Ramones. Still, I’ll never forget the first day that I heard The Wu-Tang Clan at a friend’s house after school. From the crude humor of the “Torture” skit to the soulful strains of “Can It All Be So Simple,” I was hooked. So began a love affair with nine men from New York that has endured for over half my life. The Wu-Tang Clan were, are and always will be more than just another hip-hop crew. They are nothing less than real life urban superheroes.

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  • justagirl

    never mind the wu sold that tape (36 chambers) out of the trunks of their cars. it's probably my favorite rap cd of all time. i blame the downfall of rap on shawn “puffy” combs. “ya best protect ya neck.”

    • The Jackal

      i blame the downfall of rap on the illuminati…………

      • Jon M

        yep, Jay-z & the Illuminati [/sarcasm]

      • justagirl

        i never listened to the illuminati – but you may be right. mos def did an AWESOME song on the new gorillaz called “sweepstakes”. it's best rap song i've heard in years. and years. and years.

  • Manny Furious

    The last paragraph summed it all up. Right on. I still bang Wu-Tang almost every day, but it's an almost masochistic act, because it makes me so depressed to think of what hip hop could've been and, instead, what it's become.

  • The Jackal

    Retards Attempting Poetry

  • Hadrian999

    every time i listen to “the message” I think wtf happened?
    I don’t know if hip hop can ever really reconnect to it’s roots,
    there are a few good groups out there but they get drowned out by the
    bling bling niggaz and hos garbage that the art has degenerated into

  • Hadrian999

    every time i listen to “the message” I think wtf happened?

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