Virtual Reality Veteran FSK1138 Talks About His New Low-Tech Lifestyle

fsk1138-1Via Technoccult:

You say now use the Internet for less than 3 hours a week and do not own a TV, phone, or stove. What brought you to the point that you decided you had to unplug like that?

I lived in Guyana for 4 years. You can have days when you have no power, and I survived. I feel that people think that the Internet will always be there. I feel it will not and the day is coming soon. I have seen the Internet change over the years – it has changed alot. The day is coming, I feel, that the can not remain a free utility.

Life really is not hard without technology if you learn to live without it. But if you’re addicted – what then?

When did you decide to cut back your use of technology?

When I realized it was taking up so much of my time – 2007 – I started closing down websites that I was using. I cut back to Myspace and YouTube – there were so many. And I cut my surfing – I use RSS now, I do not surf. By 2008 I did not have a landline or cell or Internet at home.

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  1. I don't agree that the internet is going to end like he says but I definitely relate to wanting to unplug. Problem is, I'm addicted. I'm online about 3-4 hours a day with knee jerk reactions to check my email, texts and blogs. It kind of disgusts me yet I cannot seem to stop. Maybe a trip to Guyana will help.

    • >I'm online about 3-4 hours a day with knee jerk reactions to check my email, texts and blogs…

      You got yourself hooked, so you can also unhook yourself. I used to spend too much time online … now I don't have email at home. Some of the methods I used were (a) disabling automatic connections so I had to plug a cord or type a password to get online. (b) turning my laptop off and placing it in a drawer when I wasn't using it (you can turn the monitor of a desktop to the wall and unplug the power cord to accomplish the same thing). (c) admit to myself that I was online too much, and why (in my case, I was sometimes using the internet to numb my mind when I was anxious (d) accepting the fact that I'd feel uncomfortable going without the computer/internet, at least for a while … changing a habit is always uncomfortable. but if you truly want to stop a bad habit, or start a good one, you've got to resign yourself to discomfort. like an athlete: no pain, no gain. but if you push through the discomfort, you can accomplish a lot.

      good luck.

    • I don't think he means it's going to “end” as in no longer be available, I think he's talking more about it no longer being free as in speech, and much more expensive. In a part I cut we talked a little bit about the Apple app store.

  2. I like how you can share this post in no less than 256 different sites here and 86 on the source site. I also appreciate the fact that we can comment using an account from any one of five different systems, too. Life's just so beautifully stupid… =D

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