‘Zombie’ Satellite Wreaking Havoc In Earth Orbit

INTELSAT_I_(Early_Bird)Didn’t know there were zombie satellites? Now you do, courtesy of the Christian Science Monitor:

An attempt to shut down the electronics payload of the out-of-control communications satellite Galaxy 15 has failed, leaving the satellite – which ceased responding to ground commands last month – still in its uncontrolled “zombiesat” drift toward orbits occupied by other spacecraft, the satellite’s fleet operator Intelsat said Tuesday.

Galaxy 15 is closing in on the geostationary orbital slot occupied by another C-band satellite, the AMC-11 spacecraft operated by SES World Skies, and with its stuck-on communications payload will be in a position to cause potentially severe interference with the SES satellite during a two-week period starting around May 23, according to Intelsat and SES estimates.

The unsuccessful attempt to shut down the so-called “zombiesat” – a satellite industry term for failed satellites in orbit – occurred on Monday.

In a Tuesday statement in response to Space News inquiries, Intelsat said it is researching other ways to shut down Galaxy 15 once the satellite has passed through the AMC-11 position and enters — for a limited period of time — a stretch of orbital terrain unoccupied by other C-band spacecraft.

“We do not have an additional specific technical attempt identified at this time,” Intelsat said in the statement. “But we will not give up, and expect to have other options to pursue at that time. We are now cooperating with other operators and customers to minimize potential service disruptions caused by interference.”…


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3 Comments on "‘Zombie’ Satellite Wreaking Havoc In Earth Orbit"

  1. Word Eater | May 11, 2010 at 5:20 pm |

    I hear China has a missile that can shoot that down.

  2. Word Eater | May 11, 2010 at 6:20 pm |

    I hear China has a missile that can shoot that down.

  3. Nuke it. Do it. Wait don't, I like my internet.

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