Brian Butler: The Wickedest Man In LA

Good to see one-time disinfo-collaborator Brian Butler being recognized as an occult expert. He was recently profiled by Charles Russell (of The Hills fame) in the Huffington Post:

Brian Butler speaks with the soft ease and quiet smirk of someone who either knows something you don’t or simply doesn’t care. There’s some unseen force that compels him to create some of the most haunting installations employing film and music with the likes of Kenneth Anger and Vincent Gallo. He is more unflinchingly dedicated to the validity of his craft than the most rabid of people.

42 second trailer for Night of Pan directed by Brian Butler. Features Vincent Gallo and Kenneth Anger.

However, it is not today, which concerns him for he appears to exist outside the dimensional constraints of time. I sat down with him recently to discuss his new works being shown internationally, dispel the nasty rumors of him hypnotizing and hexing the masses, and learn a little more about what gives this movement it’s weight and depth in a happy go lucky consumer society. Brian has been guided by a “weird string of coincidences” to reach the place in which he now stands. After bearing witness to a demonic ritual, or “soul brokering,” at a seedy Hollywood hotel, his curiosity was piqued. He purchased Magic in Theory and Practice by the prolific occult writer Aleister Crowley at Gilberts Book Shop, an old haunt of Jimmy Page. He later ran into the man from the hotel ritual wearing new snakeskin boots who introduced him to a woman who happened to have a complete set of unreleased Crowley manuscripts. His research began. He finally had a name to make a connection which made him feel safe and at home in the world of Lucifer that his grandmother had always warned him about. Music was his first expressive medium, and Butler’s psychedelic and experimental derivations of metal have been influential in the worlds of art and music. He dapples in the intangible with an ease and playfulness. Brian is currently in a band named Technicolor Skull with the legendary filmmaker and occultist Kenneth Anger. But eventually the combination of film and music would take over to provide a more concrete reality to showcase his vision, with unforeseen results. On the rumors of his mischievous doings, “At first it was it was fun to take credit for that stuff but there are people out there with a complete lack of understanding of what the occult means and that can be dangerous thing.” When asked about stories of hypnotic powers and ritual orgies in luxury hotels across the globe, Butler quickly brings the conversation back to what’s most important to him, the work…

[continues in the Huffington Post]

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  • Arcocelli

    wow, that trailer looks bad and not even in a fun kind of bad. Is there really such as a “serious” occultist? I have yet to see evidence of one.

  • Liquidself

    The wickedist man in L.A.? That sounds like being the blackest man in Africa.

  • Liquidself

    The wickedist man in L.A.? That sounds like being the blackest man in Africa.

  • NoBigDeal

    I don’t feel, you’re not big deal. No big deal.

  • NoBigDeal

    I don't feel, you're not big deal. No big deal.

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