Burger Diet Boosts Kids’ Asthma Risk

hamburgerFrom Physorg.com:

Eating three or more burgers a week may boost a child’s risk of asthma and wheeze – at least in developed nations – reveals a large international study, published in Thorax today.

Conversely, a Mediterranean diet, rich in fruit, vegetables, and fish seems to stave off the risk, the research shows.

The research team base their findings on data collected between 1995 and 2005 on 50,000 children between the ages of 8 and 12 from 20 rich and poor countries around the world.

Their parents were asked about their children’s normal diet and whether they had ever been diagnosed with asthma and/or have had wheeze.

Just under 30,000 of the children were tested for allergic reactions, to see if diet also influenced their chances of developing allergies.

Diet did not seem to be associated with becoming sensitised to common allergens, such as grass and tree pollen. But it did seem to influence the prevalence of asthma and wheeze.

High fruit intake was associated with a low rate of wheeze among children from rich and poor countries.

Similarly, a diet high in fish protected children in rich countries, while a diet rich in and cooked green vegetables protected children against wheeze in poor countries.

Overall, a Mediterranean diet, high in fruit, vegetables, and fish was associated with a lower lifetime prevalence of asthma and wheeze.

But eating three or more burgers a week was associated with a higher lifetime prevalence of asthma and wheeze, particularly among children with no allergies in rich countries…

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6 Comments on "Burger Diet Boosts Kids’ Asthma Risk"

  1. This doesn't tell enough info. Is the beef from organic grass fed source or is it processed grocery store beef? That would determin what the beef was fed and what you are putting into your own body by eatng it. It also could have more to do with how it's prepared with what oils or seasonings or the wheat etc…in the bun.Is there hydrogination etc…More so what the underlying condition of the gut is. From my own experience as a nutritional therapist and one that had food related asthma. Mine was due to IBS.(irritable bowel syndrom) A very common condition due to an unballanced diet or in my case over consumption of refined sugar and processed foods. After becomming a nutritional therapist and changing my diet,my IBS cleared up and so did my asthma. If you eat for your blood type, O blood types diet should be 80% meat. Of course variety of meat is important but eating red meat 3 times a week should not cause asthma. Blood type could also be another factor as well. I think this article is too vague and may mis-inform people.

  2. mrtwilight | Jun 3, 2010 at 2:24 pm |

    I've read some of Weston Price's research on nutrition and he speculated that all allergies were caused by bread. Newer research says that allergies and autoimmune diseases are basically a yeast infection caused by processed foods and grains.

  3. letthemeatcock | Jun 3, 2010 at 2:42 pm |

    How is this news? We've known for years that beef is just about the worst food for your health.

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  5. Food intake has something to do with your breathing. The more you consume, the less air you can breathe because air are one of the things that aids digestion.

  6. Food intake has something to do with your breathing. The more you consume, the less air you can breathe because air are one of the things that aids digestion.

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