Chatroulette Developing Genital Recognition Algorithm

chatroulette-at-your-own-riskChatroulette is struggling with users’ constantly exposing themselves, which drives non-creeps away from the site. Thus they are mounting a campaign to develop technology that can identify and block human genitals — it’s this era’s Space Race. Techcrunch reports:

Russian website Chatroulette, founded by Andrey Ternovskiy, is perhaps most well known as a place to watch men expose their genitals.

Can Chatroulette become something more? Look for feature changes soon that will try to send all those penises to the background. The service may add software that can quickly scan video to determine if a penis is being shown. And users that are consistently quickly skipped over (presumably because they are exposing themselves or otherwise being disgusting) can be flagged as well. With those and other changes Chatroulette may be able to put people who actually want to talk to each other in touch much more often.

And that’s where real growth might happen. “There just isn’t anywhere on the Internet for you to meet new people anymore,” says one investor that wants in on Chatroulette. “The potential for online dating, which is largely what pushed early Facebook growth, is unlimited.”

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  1. I pity the coder who had to spend days staring at different variations of penises to make certain the algorithm worked.

    • Unless (s)he's into that stuff, obviously.

      • I think one rapidly reaches a point when one is simply revolted by disembodied genitals, no matter how pretty they might be individually and in context.

        Hm, you note there is no mention of a breast or vagina algorithm. Funny, that.

        • Yeah. Talk about cockblocking… 😛

          But that's a bit like saying you'd be revolted by disembodied heads after looking at too many portrait photography.

          I guess the reasoning is that a penis is more offensive because it tries to get inside you. Vaginas are warm and inviting. They're nice. I like them. Penises are jerks, they just want to invade you. A penis invades; a vulva invites.
          Hmm, I'll have to use that sentence more often. 😛

          Also, they're probably guys, of course.
          Also, bosoms or vulvae are probably not a usual feature in ChatRoulette. And if they do appear, they're warmly welcomed.

          Also, I'm aware of everything I'm saying, I understand feminism and the patriarchal society we live in which continuously tries to keep the feminine subdued to the masculine, I'm only half joking, please don't hurt me.

          • Heads are different. We as a species are programmed to look at faces to read emotions, so we can endure more.

            As a hetero, gay-positive guy, even I tend to flinch and look away where there is a penis that is not mine. It is no doubt a conditioned response by our society, but it is still there. Penises have two emotions, excited and indifferent. I care to observe it in neither, so I avoid ChatRoulette so far. I went on exactly twice, hoping to find someone actually worth the use of a webcam for conversation. I lucked out once.

            I think, even with the addition of this cockblocking (brilliant, that), They Who Shall Not /b/ Named will skunk up the usability of ChatRoulette.

          • Is it really “invading” if you’ve been invited? 😉

  2. justagirl | Jun 17, 2010 at 8:27 am |

    i thought that was why they called it “chat roulette” in the first place.
    – nice person to talk to
    – funny piano improv. guy
    – nice person to talk to
    – BOOM there's a dick
    what will they call it when there's no more penises left in the chamber?

  3. it would be great if the Genital Recognition Algorithm will work. But i think the perverts will find out other ways to show their dicks 🙁

  4. lucygray10 | Jun 30, 2010 at 1:09 pm |

    The writer may add software that can rapidly construe video to watch if a phallus is existence shown. And users that are consistently quickly skipped over (presumably because they are exposing themselves or otherwise being loathly) can be flagged as rise.
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  5. Is it really “invading” if you’ve been invited? 😉

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