From LSD To Cyberculture Legend

RU Sirius and Mondo 2000The legendary editor behind Mondo 2000 magazine reveals how LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, and a high school underground newspaper all fermented into High Frontiers, Reality Hackers and eventually his famous cyberculture publication as part of the new “Mondo 2000 History Project”.

R.U. Sirius shares the introduction, where he remembers an avante-garde newspaper in college. (“We all have a roaring great time interviewing Timothy Leary… We’re all dazzled, feeling like the host of Planet Earth’s party had lifted the velvet rope and let us in.”) But he also describes how he came to edit the first “cyber culture” magazines (predating Wired) from 1984-1998, and announces a new “open source history project” – a collaboratively-edited electronic document with stories and perceptions from “All those who touched directly upon the history of the scene/magazine”.

At the age of 31, Sirius moves to Marin County with a California to-do list: “Start the Neopsychedelic Wave. Start a Neopsychedelic band. Start a Neopsychedelic magazine…” At one point he moves in with a fugitive in a renegade group of psychedelic Hare Krishnas, and “A couple of days after the psilocybin trip, the resolve to go forward with the creation of a psychedelic magazine took hold of me….”

Wednesday night he’s giving a free talk in San Francisco!

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    based on the lack of comments, I suppose that disinfo’s users believe that cerebralcaustic is an idiot.

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    based on the lack of comments, I suppose that disinfo's users believe that cerebralcaustic is an idiot.

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