Anti-Marijuana Terrorism: Dispensaries Firebombed

34bc015a-5c3f-11df-b014-001cc4c002e0.imageMontana legalized medical marijuana in 2004, and since then a steady stream of small dispensaries has been opening in cities such as Billings. This past month, two medical marijuana businesses were firebombed, and one had the phrase “NOT IN OUR TOWN” spray-painted on its storefront. Days later, the Billings City Council voted to suspend the licensing of new dispensaries for six months. The Missoulian reports:

A rock was used to break the glass of Montana Therapeutics at 4:30 a.m. Monday, and a beer bottle filled with gasoline was lit and thrown inside, Billings police Sgt. Kevin Iffland said. A passer-by reported the fire.

A day earlier, at about 5 a.m., surveillance video showed two young men spray-painting “NOT IN OUR TOWN” on the front of Big Sky Patient Care, and then throw a rock through the front door followed by a flaming bottle, Big Sky owner David Couch said.

Trevor McFarren, co-owner of Montana Therapeutics, said his business provides medical marijuana for about 50 people and has operated since January. Until now, the business has never had a problem, a complaint or even a bad phone call, he said.

McFarren said he believes Monday’s council vote has something to do with the timing of the act that he estimated caused $2,500 in damage.

“I’m sure they’re trying to fuel the fire about (the vote),” he said. “It’s more of an attack on the community than anything.”

  • J

    I bet those a–holes picked up a few 6 packs after their firebombing.

    • GoodDoktorBad

      More than likely they had a few six packs beforehand……to “man up”.

  • Cerebralcaustic

    No no no, this isn't terrorism: it's dissent against the hegemony of drug use, and direct action in the name of free speech!

    • E.B. Wolf

      Firebombs for Freedom!
      Will you feel the same way if someone firebombs a church to dissent against the hegemony of child rape?

  • Deaconkhet

    prohibition makes fools of us all…

  • yes390

    Marijuana should be legal not only for medical patients but for any adult who prefers to use a safer substance to relax with instead of alcohol. Support the California ballot initiative to Control & Tax Cannabis. Visit

  • Sab31690

    If a discount liquor was firebombed i get they wouldnt suspend any more liquor store openings for 6 mnths… Alcohal is a poison that causes ppl to think and act irrationally… it should be banned or at least catagorized as the hard drug it is

    • Hadrian999

      worked so well last time, why not

  • simple_tim

    The people doing this are obviously street dealers that feel threatened…

  • Mettaya

    So, we're going to take a Legal, Privately Owned, Small Business, selling something to a limited amount of what DOCTORS have determined is a MEDICINE people proven to have a need for this substance through a process decided upon in an open and democratic manner, so these people don't have to support Mexican and other drug gangs by getting their medicine via the black market (probably from those ever present Illegal Aliens). This sounds all so, I don't know, Tea Party, doesn't it? At least a little bit of Ron Paul? (I suppose it is a 'Tea Party', just not in the more popular sense – I love ancient slang, what can I say.)

    To oppose this, we (I'm assuming 'we' are “Party Liquor” drinkin' refuges for non-ironic trucker hats, and pretty certainly NOT DOCTORS) are going to get drunk, commit vandalism and ARSON (a felony that could possibly cost people their lives as well as their livelihoods), and to top it off, use a beer bottle as the Molotov Cocktail. (Montana Cocktail?) You know, under the Patriot Act, these people could easily be tried as terrorists. Just saying. Intimidation, destruction of property, full disregard for law, and causing people to live in fear of it happening to them – sounds like terrorism to me, and they've been talking about that homegrown sort as being more important lately…hey man, screw the half-retarded hood rats the CIA has been 'training' to 'blow shit up' who can't find guns in a 'hood, arrest THESE GOONS and make a Big Media Deal out of it. Obama, don't you need a distraction from that Whole Gulf Oil Thing right now?


    I think you have to agree, ass-backward, hillbilly redneck goons have got to provide the of the most value for your entertainment dollar. “Hey Y'all, watch THIS! Huh-yuck!!”

    Oh, and to give some solid context for this, assuming the reported number of 'about 50 patients' is even correct within a 100% margin of error:

    Billings, Montana population — 89,847
    – FeedbackIs this accurate? Yes NoThank you for your feedback.
    According to,, and 1 other

    100/89847 = .00113% of the population of Billings was being 'served' by this dispensary, even if the amount of patients was double that claimed. They're ruinin' our TERN! South Park, I expect this episode in the can within two weeks. What, you had a day for the Janet Reno episode? Two weeks, very generous on my part, I'd say…

  • Pmwnorton

    Anyone else think that suspending the licensing might just encourage the poeple who firebombed these establishments!

  • ZombieStomper

    Ya don't want a peaceful herb in your town, but you do want terrorism? Way to go, you fucking hillbillies.

  • 5by5

    So if a toy store got firebombed or vandalized, would they also stop giving out business permits for toy stores?

    Talk about punishing the victim. That is wicked lame.

    Hey guys, how about you go after the VANDALS, instead of the law-abiding small businessman?

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