Heaven’s Gate Hearts Disinformation?

Heaven's GateI honestly don’t know what to make of this. Disinfo collaborator and Office-mate Tim Pugh pointed out to me the other day that Disinformation is listed as an interesting link on the Heaven’s Gate website.

Really surprised to see the site still up, I didn’t realize the group was still in “existence” after the March 1997 mass suicide.

In case you haven’t gotten your dose of massive creepiness today, here’s an initiation tape from Heaven’s Gate’s Marshall Applewhite. Still creepy after all these years. Thanks to Tim Pugh for creeping me out even more…

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  • Heavensgatememorial

    The disinformation is that the suicide was March 26th 1997, not March 19th. I encourage you to read my book, HEAVEN'S GATE A MEMORIAL Established 2009.

    • http://disinfo.com Disinformation

      Should have been more clear, the 19th was the day of Applewhite's taping himself speaking of mass suicide, and the deaths occurred over several days after that.

  • Henry

    I spent a few hours recently looking at the Heaven's Gate videos on Youtube, and wish I hadn't. I ended up feeling very HAUNTED. Due in part because they're posted by a guy who still believes in the cult – http://www.laweekly.com/2007-03-22/news/heaven-

    Due also in part b/c of the first commenter who calls himself Gary-ODY, which is what they called themselves.

  • http://www.stolethecanarytoo.com Genie

    I can hear God now when these people “arrive”. First thing He says is “what's with the outfits?”

  • Dueyv9

    For whats it worth, the shit did hit the fan after they left.

    • justagirl

      like what?

  • Dueyv9

    For whats it worth, the shit did hit the fan after they left.

  • reader 233

    By clicking most of these “interesting links” you end up in the land of 404. Interestingly The Disinformation link worked!

  • justagirl

    like what?

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