McCollum, Time Travel and Murder: An Interview/Review

Aaron McCollum’s story is one that will either leave you believing him insane, a liar, the greatest government whistleblower of all time, or some combination of the three. Initially, in conversation with him, I confessed my belief to him that I thought he might even be a liar, a statement about which he seemed remarkably understanding, if of course in disagreement. But having heard him out, I feel satisfied concluding that he really does believe most if not all of what he’s saying, and that he’s thus either insane or exposing some horribly evil government action. His is a story full of outlandish facts that purport to expose hyper-illicit genetic modification, political assassination, contact with extraterrestrials, and time travel.

The Aaron McCollum Project Camelot Interview

After telling a colleague in the news media about hearing out this account, the colleague expressed amazement that I even had the patience to listen to Aaron McCollum, 31. I communicated that my frustration with the mockers of the first MKULTRA whistleblowers was so serious that I would rather look foolish for hearing out a potentially crazy person than to take even the slightest of chances of proving as unwitting as the general American public. Sadly, I said, the average voter still doesn’t know about CIA mind control experimentation, and, hell, if they did, would probably be less likely to vote, anyway.

Mr. McCollum’s story begins with his childhood and compulsory participation in Project TALENT, a program which, although appearing to have a legitimate front for assessing American students’ raw capabilities, in his case allegedly involved authorities coaxing him and other children between the ages of five and eight into stealing cars and training with weapons in Northern California, near his home.

Mr. McCollum tells Project Camelot, “Where this place was at, they had a river that ran very, very cold. So I believe it had to have been during the wintertime. Now, who exactly did this I don’t know. But I’m getting to understand why this happened, where I was for seven days straight repeatedly each day for a certain amount of time was actually dumped, forcibly dumped” – and here he is making dunking motions with his hands, as if grasping shoulders – “over and over again into this water.

“Throughout . . . throughout the years of childhood of this training that I was going through a lot of it was very cold-water submersion. I don’t know if my core body temperature is related to that, but my body core temperature now averages between 96.5 and 97.6 (Fahrenheit), so two degrees colder than what the normal body core temperature is.”

On the phone with Mr. McCollum, in California, I tried to allay the specific concern he expressed about body temperature, stating that there was nothing at least extremely unusual about the body temperatures he had recorded. He responded that his most abnormal physiological attributes were related to blood pressure numbers that had misled doctors into thinking that he had slipped into a diabetic coma. Over the phone, Mr. McCollum says that the specific health statistics related to blood pressure were not at hand.

His proxy caretakers, he says, would force him to engage “dark sexual rituals” at a Catholic Church. “The reason they do that,” he says by telephone, “it’s more, you could say, part of the mind control process. It can have psychological effect. It’s the same club, but it’s more of a – the dark rituals are a tradition.” He expressed some familiarity with the claims of Paul Bonacci, an alleged victim and former teenager facilitator of an organized Midwestern pedophilia ring. Nebraskan Attorney John DeCamp told this reporter that that ring provided some of America’s elite with a steady supply of intoxicated child prostitutes.

Once a teenager, though, and out of Project TALENT, Mr. McCollum would discover a very different kind of backdoor draft. A manila envelope arrived in the mail, which informed him to drive to a given location; a place he would discover was a U.S. Coast Guard office. Entering the office, a man he had never seen before in his life said that he had been expecting him and that he should be prepared for enlistment. Nothing in Mr. McCollum’s years of exploitation and rigorous training, he said, had prepared him to say no.

His mid-June, second interview with the YouTube channel “Project Camelot,” who has also interviewed such conspiracy icons as Jordon Maxwell and David Icke, is a hefty two-and-a-half hours long, and sketches an arc of the 31 years of his life and work for the United States Coast Guard, and, he says, an inter-governmenetal, inter-species force. Roughly 600,000 people globally, suggests Mr. McCollum, possess COSMIC TOP SECRET or Majestic clearance levels that permit them to work in space command.

Mr. McCollum outlines his work for Project Seagate, a dolphin-human genetic hybrid experimentation program in cooperation with extraterrestrial reptilian and greys, the beings generally alleged to be involved in roughly half of all alien abductions worldwide. According to Mr. McCollum, there are 12 undersea bases in the Caribbean, and only two at which humans are even allowed. The rest, he says, are run by aliens from the planet Sirius, whose descriptions he gives as roughly 5’4” and bluish-tan.

It is there, he says, that humans have been attempting to create aquatic super-soldiers by splicing dolphin and human DNA. The utility of creating these types of beings, says McCollum, is the underwater travel and temperature vigor of the dolphin.

Confronting Mr. McCollum with David Icke’s claims that the reptilian people on Earth are in fact predatory, the self-described whistleblower begged to differ. “The misconception is that everyone thinks they’re all evil and bad, he said. “The ones that I remember that I didn’t really interact with, they weren’t sitting their doing experiments. They were observing.”

Mr. McCollum says that he has never been allowed to see x-rays or scanned images of his body from x-ray, CT or MRI, even as recently as a year ago. By this, he unmistakably infers a relationship to some all-powerful third party’s attempts to hide his physiological workings and to interfere with his personal life since having left the service of an extremely elite trans-temporal assassination, abduction and reconnaissance squadron.

His life there floated between his “cover” work in the U.S. Coast Guard, in addition to his kidnapping and murdering absent-without-leave MKULTRA subjects. Mr. McCollum refers to MKULTRA as “Mark Ultra,” a designation I had not heard up until now, which Mr. McCollum says is related to inter-military code. “What a lot of people don’t realize,” he says in our interview, “people will say, “MKULTRA.” MK in the military is used as a wide range of things. MK is a designation for not quite a serial number, but a designated name or code for something.”

Talking with Project Camelot, Mr. McCollum accurately describes the effects of the tropane alkaloid scopolamine, a wildly dangerous memory and inhibition disruption agent, which he used to coerce subjects to their deaths or reprogramming. This type of work, he says, is much like that which he carried out at the Caribbean undersea/underground base, called PROSEA, short for Project Seagate.

Mr. McCollum reports flying in an aircraft called the TR-3B, which, he told Project Camelot, can travel 12,000 miles per hour, roughly six times the fastest known official manned air-speed record.

I asked Mr. McCollum about his claims that he time-travelled decades backwards to participate in the Cambodian conflict, when the United States had sent troops in across the Vietnamese border. Accounts Mr. McCollum to me, “When I reunited with [veterans] Duncan O’Finioan and Dave Corso, they proceeded to tell me that they remember seeing me there wearing a uniform insignia. When I showed them a picture of the uniform I’d worn, they went ghost white.” Mr. McCollum says that his night-ops uniform sported a special insignia which did not designate any country whatsoever.

A mysterious third party has also taken the initiative, he says, of blacklisting him from private industry. At first, I presumed that this was phenomenon could have been explained by employers simply Googling his name and concluding that he was completely insane. Mr. McCollum told me he perceived a third party’s interference even before he went public with his fantastic claims. “This is when I first was having the memory problems and everything else,” he says, adding, “It was a range of positions from a janitor up to higher-level jobs.”

Feats of superhuman third-party document suppression predominate Mr. McCollum’s autobiography. Even as early as 1996, a wipeout of his high school’s computer records, which he says made the local newspaper, covered up his paper-thin attendance record. This event allowed the school not only to forgo expelling him as opposed to kicking him out, but actually graduating him, even though an official at the school knew of at least 150 absences. Mr. McCollum says that he lost his own evidence of his graduation during a theft of his belongings that occurred between July and December of 2005.

In late 2005, Mr. McCollum’s career came crashing down when, sent to another world to conduct a mission, he says he was “given something” – a drug, information, he said that he wasn’t sure what – before returning to this world and superiors who forced him into a reprogramming his own victims had experienced; although, instead of receiving new, fake memories, he says, his superiors simply wiped his mind clean. Finding himself in the Portland, Oregon airport in December of 2005, he had forgotten how to read or do basic math. Sifting through his past, he says, he can account for 103 separate incidents of missing time. Mr. McCollum says the mind-erasure procedure involved publicly-known MKULTRA methods, including psychotropic drugs and electroshock therapy.

Since he had said his secret-government superiors had so often ordered Mr. McCollum to use scopolamine on his own victims, I suggested that perhaps they had given him the drug as well, and that that would explain some of the gaps in his memory. He disagreed, asserting that they considered him too valuable to risk his death in such a way.

“Basically what I can do,” he says, “is describe the few memories that have been revealed to me.” He speculates that his having recovered the memories he has is the result of the intervention of beings more powerful than his former employers. By mid-2006, he claims, he was experiencing total emotional breakdown and for once did something fairly conventional, for a person at his wit’s end: He obtained alcohol and large quantities of narcotics, and downed both. The man who dragged him into the hospital, he relays to Project Camelot, was very tall and, somehow, he says, could know and thus tell the doctors the content of his stomach without finding a prescription bottle.

Years later, he would be approached by a man in a black suit and tie named “Kevin” who would tell him that he simply came from “the company.” This man, he says, set up a pension fund for him to this day, which allows him to subsist. “Kevin” said that he and some other parties at “the company” sympathized with what had happened to Mr. McCollum, and wanted to help him out. I asked about the name on the direct deposits to his bank account. First, he replied, “Federal Reserve,” but hesitated before asserting that the direct deposits are from the “U.S. Department of the Treasury.” This stipend, he says, has sustained him ever since.

So there you have it.

Either, A, your government quickly drives you insane; laughing at you for knowing that it’s working with the aliens; all while drugging, killing or fucking you while being too close to the truth, and mind-erasing anyone who tries to corroborate your worst, justified fears.

Or, B, your government is slowly driving you insane through lying about attempting to control your mind, and a vast network of unnecessary secrecy.

I’m sure we’d all like a straight answer.

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  1. His is a story full of outlandish facts that purport to expose hyper-illicit genetic modification…contact with extraterrestrials, and time travel.”

    And you thought that he just “might be” a liar?

    • cerebralcaustic | Jun 30, 2010 at 5:11 pm |

      1950s: Philadelphia Experiment promoted by mentally unbalanced Carl Allen/Carlos Allende. The story is completely and thoroughly debunked by the 1980s, yet is recirculated by the naive and gullible.

      1990s: Preston Nichols reinvigorates the Philadelphia Experiment via his claims of the “Montauk Project.”

      1990s: A purported time traveler named “John Titor” claims to have visited our era to escape a brutal future. Internet rubes slurp up every detail … until Titor's predictions are proved false.

      2000s: Aaron McCollum tires of neck tattoos and decides he wants to mess with a new generation of suckas.

    • You have to know you're telling falsehoods to be a liar.

  2. reader 223 | Jun 30, 2010 at 8:56 pm |

    “Sifting through his past, he says, he can account for 103 separate incidents of missing time.”

    Missing time is a symptom of Multiple Personality Disorder or MPD or rather DID, Dissociative identity disorder. According to wikipedia:

    “DID does not resolve spontaneously, and symptoms vary over time. Individuals with primarily dissociative symptoms and features of posttraumatic stress disorder normally recover with treatment. Those with comorbid addictions, personality, mood, or eating disorders face a longer, slower, and more complicated recovery process.”

    And here comes the mysterious “Kevin”:

    “Individuals still attached to abusers face the poorest prognosis; treatment may be long-term and consist solely of symptom relief rather than personality integration. Changes in identity, loss of memory, and awaking in unexplained locations and situations often leads to chaotic personal lives. Individuals with the condition commonly attempt suicide.”

    But then DID too is, in the eyes of many, a fantasy mental disorder.

  3. Namelesswon | Jul 1, 2010 at 6:54 am |

    This is what happens when you cancel chows like Stargate SG1 and Flipper. WHEN WILL THE NETWORKS LEARN!!!!!

    This is also what happens when your imagination is colonised by websites like ATS and Project Camelot; art and literature is so weak for you that you end up entering the fuzzy zone the grey are between fact and fiction. if you dont do your home work and lose your faculties or just have a weak personality with no controlled artistic expression you end up being a David Icke rather than a Robert Anton Wilson.

  4. My Bullshit Meter is off the charts.

  5. Best to keep an open mind about such things. If you believe an authority figure with a PhD., wearing a suit and/or uniform and tie, holding a bible in front of a flag before someone who looks like they slept in their car, consider yourself mind-fucked.

    If he was telling the truth, it would look just…like…this.

  6. He does give off loads of crazy-vibe.

  7. He does give off loads of crazy-vibe.

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