The IMPACTS Concept: A New Way to View Human Society and Human Civilization

The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics rules the universe. We like to think we are immune from it—that we live and exist in a “special” place—but we don’t. On second thought, we might live in a special place in the universe but we are not immune from the 2nd Law, no matter where we are. Everything that happens is doing so against that backdrop—or perhaps because of that backdrop. The 2nd Law says that concentrated energy will disperse (break down) if not hindered from doing so. Entropy is the state of the disorder that follows.

Within that 2nd Law reality, there appear to be 2 major forces with opposite ways of reacting to, or dealing with, the 2nd Law. The male force, represented by the proton, is pulling inward, trying to accumulate all that it can. A black hole at the middle of a galaxy might be the ultimate expression of male energy. It appears that the galaxy just wants to get bigger and stronger for one reason primarily—to capture other galaxies. It sounds very much like some modern day countries as well as many nation-states and empires from human history, the vast majority of which were male-controlled.

The female force is trying to prevent dispersal of concentrated energy through bonding and duplication. Life is the most obvious example. As Dr. Robert Piccioni, author of Everyone’s Guide to Atoms, Einstein, and the Universe, and Can Life Be Merely An Accident? says, “Life seems uniquely able to consistently overcome the second law, not by violating that law, but by systematically taking in more ordered matter and expelling less ordered matter. Life decreases its disorder at the expense of its surrounding. This is allowed by the second law, and is essential to any living organism. Indeed, I think this leads to a very sensible definition of Life: Any entity that can consistently overcome the second law is Alive.” But most everything in the universe appears to be trying to overcome the 2nd Law—even a binary star which, in its death throes, accretes gas from the healthier star, apparently trying to stave off dissolution.

It appears that the statement above attributed to Dr. Piccioni can be applied to any aspect of human beings as well. Life appears to be an “answer” to the 2nd Law, and human beings of course are on the top of the ladder of life, so-to-speak, though intelligence and prudence do not necessarily go hand-in-hand. Within the human species, we obviously have these 2 major forces, male and female, though both have some energy from the other. We are like a cake recipe—we have a little of this and a little of that.

I mentioned the discovery of the group I call the IMPACTS in my last post on June 22, 2010. The IMPACTS are the glue and fuel for the human race. They are the “ordered matter” that human society and civilization need in order to defeat the 2nd Law. Of course, the 2nd Law defeats each of us eventually—we die—but so far it hasn’t defeated the force that tries to overcome it—life—not on this planet anyway.

The IMPACTS, probably 5%-8% of the overall human population, appear to have a significant degree of both energies but with more overall female energy. They are more androgynous than the general population. The IMPACTS fight hard against the breakdown of things important to human beings, such as the health of people, animals, community, and positive institutions—the “ordered matter” that keeps human society going.

Some IMPACTS, who I call the P-IMPACTS for peripheral IMPACTS, live on the periphery of society, either psychologically or physically or both. These IMPACTS do not appear all that “ordered” to the casual viewer. They are analogous to the entrepreneurial energy found around a start-up business—this kind of chaotic energy has to be there before the final structure takes form. These P-IMPACTS are thinking of ways to change the status quo—from the periphery.

The P-IMPACTS may or may not eventually contribute any “ordered matter” to the SN, the structural nucleus or power center of society, and they may or may not even be interested in doing so. The P-IMPACTS are like fuel that is being developed, and the SN-IMPACTS, those IMPACTS closest to the SN, are like refined fuel, ready to be used by the SN machine.

It appears that some concentrated, highly-bonded matter makes a good fuel, as exemplified by a sugar molecule. There is strong energy in the covalent bonds because electrons farthest from the nucleus have more energy than electrons closest to the nucleus. This is the same peripheral element we see with the P-IMPACTS, and shows why they have powerful energy that can be used to affect the structure of society. Everything follows the model of the atom, even human society.

Where you have this concentrated and bonded energy as we see in the sugar molecule, the 2nd Law wants to break it down and disperse it as it does any concentrated energy. It appears to me that the male force is an ally of the 2nd Law, and wants to break down the concentrated energy, using it as fuel in its attempt to “take” as much as possible, helping it grow bigger and stronger.

Keep this in mind—the male force wants and needs “ordered matter” (mostly female energy it appears) if it is to survive and grow. It cannot create it or produce it. Only the female force can. The male force must take it. Look at a male in the human species. If he doesn’t locate a willing female partner, then he will not be able to grow a family structure. A proton will not be able to grow as a structure (atom) unless it can capture an electron. The male force depends on the female force.

So it appears to me that everything follows the 2nd Law, and tries to adjust to it. Keep in mind as we go forward that we have these same 2 forces operating in human society—one force pulling inward (male) and breaking up concentrated energy, using it as fuel, and the other one working to prevent dispersal (female). A nucleus (male energy) appears to behave the same wherever it is—it breaks up the surrounding concentrated energy field, taking “ordered matter” for its own uses.

Let’s look at the formation of the eukaryotic cell. A nucleus formed but it needed energy in order to survive because it could not produce its own or did not want to produce its own. So it “captured” bacteria which could produce their own energy, and then used them as energy-producers. We know them as mitochondria.

The herdsman ants did the same thing when they captured the mealybugs to provide their fuel. (Last post June 22, 2010.) They took the ones which behaved as the ants wanted them too—subserviently and efficiently.

This is the way it works in the human world as well. The structural-nucleus, the SN, wants to capture the concentrated energy of the IMPACTS—the ordered matter. That is the only way the SN can grow or at least hold its own. The actions of the IMPACTS will keep things together as much as possible (prevent dispersal and entropy), and will continue to re-infuse the environment with new energy. Immigration is part of this process. Tons of IMPACTS arrive from foreign lands to the US and other countries around the world. This is “ordered matter” needed to keep the nucleus (SN) operating just like the ordered-matter proteins that our bodies need in order to keep going.

Everything follows the same model, beginning with the first hydrogen atom when the proton grabbed the electron. The valence electrons are the “ordered matter” crowd—they are bonding agents—they can overcome the 2nd Law, for a while anyway. IMPACTS in society are the same and therefore everyone wants, and needs, the IMPACTS.

The San of Africa, with their shaman-centered lifestyle, are the oldest modern humans, dating from well over 100,000 years ago. If an entity such as our human species is to survive, it must be built upon a foundation that has proven it can defeat the 2nd Law to a significant degree. The San could do that because they had all of the essentials required: tight bonding and innovation-wellness-protector skills of the shamans. The shamans were the key anti-dispersal agents, like the valence electrons on the periphery. They were committed to keeping the tribe safe, healthy, and together as a community.

Being the out-of-Africa group, they took their San genes around the world. I have frequently referred to this colonization around the world as the San civilization which was predominant until it was replaced by the SN male force that emerged with agriculture. Author Graham Hancock has mentioned that he believes that perhaps there was a world-wide “lost civilization” about 12,000 years ago at the end of the last Ice Age. If so, I am confident it would have been direct descendants of the San.

Today’s world little resembles the world that the San tribe began developing over 100,000 years ago. Their world had no boundaries, very few possessions, little if any politics, and rare discord. The San lived in small groups where egalitarianism was the norm. Men were caring and nonaggressive—women were strong and independent. Both men and women were androgynous in almost every respect. That is what was needed in order to survive the environment at that time—both energies working together but predominantly female.

The modern world is all about the continuation of what started with agriculture and really with the first atom—machine and fuel, the capture by the male force of creative female energy. It is the same principle everywhere you look. Everything is a ‘binary star’ where male energy is accreting from productive female energy. But you might say—“Many of the very creative-productive people are male.” Yes, very true, and these are principally IMPACTS males who have copious amounts of female energy.

One very important issue in all of this, given that all of us “take from the productive other” to some degree, is: What is the nature of the relationship between the taker and the producer? Is it benign? Is it loving? Is it fair? Is it exploitive? Is it brutal? Are both being enhanced, or are both being damaged? We have seen with anti-2nd Law actions that if one party takes ordered matter from the environment, the environment suffers in some way—its disorder is increased. It is the same when it is another people or country or company. Care has to be taken to limit “disorder” and exploitation. We see it often with corporate behavior—rape the environment, take what you want, and act as if there are no consequences. We see countries doing the exact same thing to other countries or territories. That is extreme male energy.

The actual story of recorded history is not what we have been taught. Yes, there have been struggles between and among cultures and states and continue to be, but it did not start out that way. The first war that occurred after the development of agriculture was between the hierarchal, mostly patriarchal SN, the takers, and the circular, community-oriented IMPACTS forces, the San-like people—the creative-formative-producers. An excerpt from Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel provides an example of what has undoubtedly occurred numerous times since the SN emerged:

“On the Chatham Islands, 500 miles east of New Zealand, centuries of independence came to a brutal end for the Moriori people in December 1835. On November 19 of that year, a ship carrying 500 Maori armed with guns, clubs, and axes arrived, followed on December 5 by a shipload of 400 more Maori. Groups of Maori began to walk through Moriori settlements, announcing that the Moriori were now their slaves, and killing those who objected. An organized resistance by the Moriori could still then have defeated the Maori, who were outnumbered two to one. However, the Moriori had a tradition of resolving disputes peacefully. They decided in a council meeting not to fight back but to offer peace, friendship, and a division of resources.”

The offer was never delivered, but it would not have mattered. The Maori killed hundreds over the next few days, even deciding to cook and eat some of the bodies. They killed most of the remainder over the next few years, as it suited them.

The Moriori were a small, isolated group of peaceful hunter-gatherers, very much like the San. The Maori were farmers from a dense population on New Zealand’s North Island who engaged in constant warfare. Both peoples had diverged from the same Polynesian group less than a thousand years before. One group had settled down, enabling an SN to form. The other group was still moving.

This is the ugly story of history that has not been told. It happened all over the globe in many different locations, and it is still happening today, though the victims are rarely hunter-gatherers. Frequently there has been a less violent assimilation of groups, but unfortunately this was often the outcome—death to the entire peaceful IMPACTS group. And when they died, their peaceful, innovative genes died with them.

The balance of forces rapidly started tilting away from the San-like IMPACTS and toward the SN wherever agriculture became the lifestyle. With agriculture, the IMPACTS could be captured and their energy used to perform work and to build structures, including weaponry and ships, which could then be utilized to “take ordered matter” from other groups. Cyanobacteria, through photosynthesis, started the food chain with glucose. Likewise, the IMPACTS are the beginning of the human civilization “food chain” as they are today’s version of the San and San-shaman.

The Maori killed the Moriori because the Moriori objected to being slaves. In other words, they objected to having their creative-formative-productive energy accreted, and thus being imprisoned. They refused to be “mealybugs”. But if the Maori couldn’t utilize the energy of the Moriori, then from the Maori viewpoint, they were just in the way and should therefore be dispersed through destruction.

A brutal, extreme SN tries to capture all the IMPACTS energy it can use within its domain, just like a black hole, and it tries to disperse concentrated IMPACTS energy that it cannot use. That is why there is so much agony and suffering around war—people are being dispersed in horrible numbers and in horrible ways. It is the opposite of IMPACTS energy, which is seeking ways to prevent dispersal and to tighten the bonds among people.

The IMPACTS have a tough job because the predominant energy in the universe is move-apart, or dispersal, energy. As we all know, it is much easier to destroy something than it is to build it. Brutal SN-types destroy and walk away, leaving the creative-producers, the IMPACTS, to fix the mess. Do you think the SN comes in after a mistaken bombing run and buries the dead, cleans away the debris, starts the rebuilding process, and issues apologies? Not a chance. They leave all of that for the IMPACTS and their supporters.

Our world is not much different from that of the Maori and Moriori. The same dynamics are operating, but they have been dressed up so we can’t see the true spectacle. In our recent past, slavery, colonialism, and the subservience demanded from women were different aspects of the same thing. It was all about capturing energy and resources that would aid in extending the reach of the SN-domain. Slavery increased workable energy; colonialism added markets and increased access to resources; women could have more children, providing more soldiers, laborers, businesspeople, engineers, and more potential mothers. The results were being funneled to the top. The same exploitations are still rampant around the world.

As Jared Diamond makes clear, guns, germs, and steel have destroyed huge swaths of humanity, including, I might add, millions upon millions of IMPACTS innovators. The SN has been naturally selecting its own favored, productive mealybugs and discarding the rest. The SN needs fuel—natural resources and IMPACTS to develop them—if it is to have a well-functioning machine. The countries and empires throughout history that have attained that level have had access to both natural resources and IMPACTS—“ordered matter”.

The twentieth century provides an illustration of the vivid contrasts in the battle between the two forces, the SN takers and the IMPACTS creative-producers. A cursory glance will show that the army of the SN can summon far more members to its side than can the army of the IMPACTS, and that SN army can do horrendous damage. In World War I, about 20 million people were killed, and in World War II about 70 million were killed. And the killing today continues unabated though not on the same scale. Wouldn’t it be easier to sit down and figure out just solutions?

It is always amazing to realize that very few people have any desire to fight and kill in the first place, yet the whole world went to war on two occasions in the 20th century, not to mention all the wars on the side. How does this happen? Why can’t the IMPACTS side mobilize war resistance that is just as powerful as the SN war machine? It is because of the nature of the interaction between the two energies. Male energy is stronger since it appears to be an ally of the 2nd Law and therefore has the universe on its side.

We have to keep in mind that the goal of the SN is power and control, and to accomplish this it has to break the cohesion of IMPACTS energy and its original bonding and orientation, redirecting it in ways that enhance the SN. The SN has been extremely successful in that quest.

You can see why we have the world we do. The peaceful genes, such as those of the Moriori, do not stand a chance against passionate SN desires to capture what it wants and/or believes it is entitled to have. The only reason that the IMPACTS are still around is because they are indispensable to the functioning of this civilization. If all IMPACTS like the Moriori had been killed, the fuel and light needed to run the species would have been extinguished.

The story for the IMPACTS since the emergence of agriculture has been how to live with and address the accretive-dispersal tendencies of the SN, no matter the time or place. Like the nucleus of an atom, the SN is a small core, but it is powerful and casts a very big shadow. As many of us learned in world history, the Romans “conquered” the Greeks, but the Greeks were actually the civilizing influence on the Romans. The Greeks supplied abundant IMPACTS energy, along with the Etruscans, whose engineering skills the Romans accreted early on. The city of Rome was actually built on Etruscan territory.

The Romans captured the creative-formative-productive right brain of the Greeks and Etruscans in order to provide the fuel—the IMPACTS energy—for their own masculine left brain. That is the story of civilization in a nutshell. The mostly-peaceful IMPACTS are providing the innovation and the civilizing influences at the same time. But if IMPACTS are provoked, or if they experience severe injustice, they can be as nasty as anyone because their strong protective element comes to the fore. Their nastiness is related to protection and justice—the SN’s nastiness is related to power and control.

In countries, creative-formative-productive IMPACTS energy and structural-nucleus (SN) energy rarely grow together in an equal fashion. A cursory glance at history tells the tale. The SN grows in a direction away from IMPACTS principles and then overreaches, resulting in extreme pressure on what is left of cohesive IMPACTS energy. The SN attempt to break the bonds of other countries often backfires, leading instead to the dissolution of its own bonds.

Once the SN oversteps, it is very difficult for it to reclaim its original position on the totem pole. The graveyard of historical powers provides some examples: the Greeks of Pericles and of Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire, the Mongols, Britain during its colonial period, Germany, Japan, the Soviet Union, and others. They have all had their day in the sun, and though most have recovered, they have not assumed their previous lofty status. But that lofty status was built on the currency of power in use since agriculture, and that is military strength.

Military power is tempting for the SN to utilize, but it is obviously a double-edged sword. It can easily create more problems than it solves. IMPACTS enable the typical overreach because the SN has captured them, but the IMPACTS also enable recovery. When the militaristic SN head has been chopped off, a solid foundation of IMPACTS usually remains to put things back together, if it is possible. They certainly have a better chance of doing so with a new SN. IMPACTS societies, by and large, did not and do not try to take over other IMPACTS societies or SN-controlled societies. Societal accretion is predominantly male SN behavior.

The expansionist actions of the Romans as they gobbled up one society after another depict the SN philosophy of accretion in practice. Eventually, they bit off more than they could chew, and everything fell apart. The IMPACTS who had been captured could not save them because the continual expansion kept stretching and fragmenting IMPACTS bonds. The producers could not keep up with the takers, or they did not want to.

The first war after the establishment of agriculture, exemplified by the massacre of the Moriori, was of course won by the SN. You can see from the above example that the San-like people (IMPACTS) had no idea how to deal with such a brutal, uncivilized force. Though large numbers of IMPACTS were wiped out in this early stage of dispersal, enough were captured to supply sufficient innovative energy to keep the SNs going and developing. The SNs could then proceed to the next war—against each other. It would be my-captured-IMPACTS against your-captured-IMPACTS, my mealybugs against your mealybugs.

That war is clearly still ongoing, but the first war is not over either. Around the world, insurgency groups are fighting against oppressive SN actions. Again, the power-control SN uses its IMPACTS to try to defeat the generally more “just” goals of other IMPACTS. Part of the tragedy is that IMPACTS almost always get along well with other IMPACTS anywhere in the world—if they are left alone. But the SN will not leave them alone if it needs them or if they get in the way.

Of course, not all insurgencies are IMPACTS-led, and not all SNs are snuffing out IMPACTS. But it is clear that much of it is going on and has gone on in the past. The story of the universe is the female-energy attempt to strike a balance. Human civilization is not exempt from that struggle though the SN people would have us believe that their actions are honorable, and that those who are objecting are terrorists. We must remember that the SN is often a fearful entity with little conscience, and that its primary goal is power and control. (Think again of a black hole.) Therefore, we can expect to hear almost anything from the SN—and we do. And it sounds very similar to what the opposing SN is saying.

Barbarians and Philosophers

The true differences that exist among people today and have for the past few thousand years are due in large part to SN leaders who attempt to accumulate power and control, and thus divide human beings. All cultures have as their foundation the IMPACTS and IMPACTS energy, which is basically a duplicate of the original energy of the San tribes and their shamans. For tens of thousands of years, modern humanity was mostly composed of San tribes, all basically the same, or essentially duplicates of one another. The difference today is that there are now SNs built on top of this San and shaman (IMPACTS) foundation, and they are all different.

After the culture has started its development, it can go in many different directions because the creative-formative-productive IMPACTS energy will, in most cases, become subservient to the SN energy. It will be captured and embedded. Therefore, it will lose much of its influence in the future direction of the culture. Then it will have to fight for the rights that the San have taken for granted for over 100,000 years—equal rights and civil rights. This is very understandable when you realize how the two energies interact—the male force generally takes control.

The Greeks called those who did not speak the Greek language barbarians, and that included Romans, Persians, Phoenicians, and Egyptians, all very advanced societies. But everyone else did basically the same thing. It is an SN trick that has been around since the emergence of agriculture and chiefdoms. The IMPACTS in those societies most likely did not refer to other people as barbarians, just as IMPACTS today do not. Today, it is still the SN and their supporters who call people such names. Now, the most popular term is terrorist where a few years ago it was guerrilla. But the landscape has changed from jungle to desert and other desolate terrain. The names change but the dynamic remains the same.

Plato, Socrates, and others of the time believed that only “philosophers” should be leaders. But philosophers at that time actually meant philosopher-scientists (IMPACTS people)—those who were continually searching for knowledge and trying to improve the plight of humanity. Today, it is very difficult for philosopher-scientists to break through the SN-installed barriers.

The absence of women in politics and the impediments to their involvement are clear evidence that the structural-nucleus wants few IMPACTS attitudes in its sphere. Remember, IMPACTS energy is mostly female-oriented, which includes a “new-beginnings” element. An SN wants stability, not new beginnings. The attitudes toward women and the participation of women are usually clear signs of the extent of IMPACTS energy within a structure. The San had egalitarian attitudes about gender; today’s IMPACTS are usually the same. If you see something different, you can be certain that SN male energy is prevalent.

Human civilization, past and present, follows the same 2nd Law of Thermodynamics that the physical world follows—concentrated energy disperses when not hindered from doing so. IMPACTS hold the concentrated energy together that the SN uses to sustain itself. But this IMPACTS energy also works for justice and equality, which can cause problems for the SN. Currently, however, the SN has the IMPACTS energy well under control.

We have fallen a long way since the days of the San when right was right and wrong was wrong—when people searched for answers in order to make everything better for one another and for all. The San thought peace was normal; we think war is normal. We have to understand the derivation of this change in identification of what is normal and what is not. It is coming from the SN faction. As long as IMPACTS have little influence in the power corridors, we will have these problems. But I want you to see it for what it is—it is not human nature or any other such rationalization. It is a lack of IMPACTS involvement in decision-making—a lack of political power.

The SN wants us to be as dispassionate as it and its supporters are. It wants no show of emotion or anger at the needless deaths and suffering of other human beings caused by our government and our friends. It wants us to be a loyal part of the dehumanizing machine. Extreme SNs have to have enemies. If they do not have them, they will create them. They want you to get in line and keep your mouth shut and keep creating and producing so they can continue to accrete.

The SN tries to obfuscate by convincing us that we have to stand as ONE against ‘all those bad guys’ who are also acting as ONE. But in reality it is not ONE at all, but rather two different forces, the SN and the IMPACTS. The SN is corralling its IMPACTS forces to be used against the IMPACTS forces of others who just happen to see things quite differently.

This is the way the extreme SN world works. It constantly creates enemies with its policies and then casts all blame on them. This kind of behavior and reasoning has been going on since the SN came on the scene over 6,000 years ago, and reveals a tenacity that will continue to be difficult to control. It seems to always be present at different locations around the globe.

At many of the volatile points in the world, adults are not in charge. Many of the so-called leaders are nothing more than playground bullies with horrific weaponry and state-of-the-art propaganda machines at their disposal, and no clue in the world about cause and effect or an interest in it. This, sadly, is what passes for normal in today’s world with justice and other such humane principles cast to the periphery. But, as we have seen, that appears to be the way of the universe—concentrated IMPACTS energy gets dispersed unless it is hindered from doing so.

One reason the world has so many insoluble problems is that the SN sets up the energy field such that it is extremely difficult for the solutions-oriented IMPACTS to get in. The SN wants to keep IMPACTS busy creating and producing products and services, thus enhancing the power of the SN. That is what the leaders did when the pyramids and other structures were built. They isolated the artisans and innovative-skill workers, treated them well, specified what they wanted from them, and then let them create and produce. It is not much different today except that the SN does not know who the IMPACTS are. What the SN does do, however, is reward heavily those who follow its template for success. If you do, you have a reasonable chance of getting some of the “goodies”. If you don’t, you are on your own—on the periphery. But you will not be alone.

Dickey Eason is the author of The IMPACTS Dynamic—Working Against Dispersal in Human Society and Across the Universe, available at More info at

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  1. Cerebralcaustic | Jun 30, 2010 at 11:10 am |

    This article has so many fallacies I hardly know where to begin.

    The author seemingly attempts the “proof by verbosity” fallacy, which uses confusing or complex verbiage to pummel the reader into accepting a weak or unproved position.

    The author also weakens his own argument by attempting to apply the laws of physics to a different realm (sociology). This is as flawed as saying that because antibiotics cure infections (medicine), we should stop bank robbery by giving penicillin to criminals.

    • Dickey Eason | Jun 30, 2010 at 12:31 pm |

      Yes–the laws of physics and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics apply to everything. Everything is following the exact same model. You have to broaden your horizons.

  2. Dickey Eason | Jun 30, 2010 at 5:31 pm |

    Yes–the laws of physics and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics apply to everything. Everything is following the exact same model. You have to broaden your horizons.

  3. Dickey Eason | Jun 30, 2010 at 1:31 pm |

    Yes–the laws of physics and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics apply to everything. Everything is following the exact same model. You have to broaden your horizons.

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