Turkish Inventor Claims World’s Most Advanced Electric Generator

Sterling D. Allan reports that a Turkish inventor, Attila Alperen, and his group who have been developing an overunity motor/generator technology for over a decade, are now saying they are ready to license the technology for production. Electric output ranges from several watts to megawatts, for Pure Energy Systems News:

Turkish inventor, Attila Alperen, Founder and Chairman of The Alperen Group of Companies, has announced that he is now ready to go to market with an ultra high efficient motor and generator technology his group has developed.

People in the free energy community would describe what he has as ‘overunity’, being attributed to harvesting inexhaustible energy freely from the environment, because it puts out more energy than what is required to run it, and can be self-looped with energy left over for practical use.

The motor technology is called “TurXotor™”, and the generator technology is called “Turxator™” and includes a motor function. Their “E-Turxator™” provides solid state electricity production, with no motor function.

Attila says he first commenced work on this in 1982, and first achieved ‘overunity’ in 2002. In all, he estimates that he has build approximately 100 different prototypes. He was in the Turkish press in Dec., 2003 having demonstrated the technology. (Ref.) Their website and a YouTube video [above] show an alleged 3 megawatt prototype unit that is about one meter in diameter and half a meter wide. He said it worked briefly before melting down some of the copper wires. Attila also told me that what is shown in their videos at YouTube is nothing compared to what they have…

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6 Comments on "Turkish Inventor Claims World’s Most Advanced Electric Generator"

  1. Tmamer2007 | Jun 14, 2010 at 9:55 am |

    Ah Zeromotor, will you ever give up the quest to deny the laws of thermodynamics?

  2. Harvesting some sort of electromagnetic energy from the environment no more defies (or denies) thermodynamics than does biological entities harvesting energy through the consumption of energy stored in chemical bonds.

    Figuring out how to do that, if there's a useful way it can be done, is a laudable goal.

    Besides, it keeps the tinfoil hat crowd busy and away from places and things that could get people hurt.

  3. So it’s not just the Irish who have a free-energy scam going?

  4. So it's not just the Irish who have a free-energy scam going?

  5. So it's not just the Irish who have a free-energy scam going?

  6. great one in generators history.

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