What Does The Sun Sound Like?

Time reports that scientists at the U.K.’s Sheffield University have released a recording of the sounds one would hear while standing inside the solar corona — the sun’s outer atmosphere. Giant magnetized plasma loops oscillate, creating a kind of music. This is what it sounds like to be on the sun:

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  1. sounds like the band Magma.

  2. Isn't that the opening of the Imperial March from Star Wars?

  3. Word Eater | Jun 23, 2010 at 12:13 pm |

    Reminds me of the sonification simulations of what a Higgs Boson might sound like in the LHC.


  4. Hadrian999 | Jun 23, 2010 at 12:40 pm |

    one of those questions i never want to know the answer to,
    like what is it like inside a black hole.

  5. Why i can not see this video ? what 's the problem ?

  6. One of those questions I never would have dreamed of needing to ask.
    How about recording the sound you hear when someone has their severe sunburn slapped REALLY hard and the just digitising the fuck out of it

  7. That's beautiful, but check this out as well:


  8. Back in history, a couple of million of years ago, the order of the inner planets was different, with mercury, earth and then Venus, with it's moon Mars. Now as a result of the interaction between two colliding galaxies the Milky Way and Canis Major, a very high speed object struck Venus, with sufficient impact to stop it's natural rotation and set it rotating in the opposite direction and, also slowed the planet forcing it into a lower orbit. During Venus's passage into a lower orbit it passed in front of Earth, and as a result of that interaction Venus was further decelerated and proceeded into an even lower orbit and of course the earth was accelerated, went into a higher orbit, and as a side effect had it's axis and rotation and year altered.

    The impact created a large ejecta stream, some of which coated Venus's now ex-moon Mars, giving it it's red, oxidised colouring, as Mars was sling shotted into it's higher now lonely orbit, with a bright new coat, and an almost atmosphere, to replace the atmosphere it's planet was stripped away in it's earlier life. Now whilst Mars did catch a significant portion of the ejecta it did not get it all, as the majority shot off into space in a large elliptical orbit spanning thousands of years. Now this ghost of a planet, a reminder of life utterly extinguished has not finished it's journey and returns to haunt another planet at regular intervals. So every few thousand years this cloud of debris, returns from the Oort cloud where it picks up a coating of pre-stellar matter, which upon re-entry into the solar system bleeds off taking with it a stream of red oxidised particles, and announcing it's return to the inner solar system as the winged harbinger of doom.

    So this cloud of debris is both blessing and a curse to the planet it interacts with. Whilst the initial interaction promoted the evolution of a more intellectual species one that could more readily adapt to the extreme changes in climate and create advanced societies, it also brings those societies crashing down when the orbits intersect. Sometimes the passage swing and miss, or sometimes it is only a glancing blow but of course on other occasion it will be a direct hit. So human society at irregular intervals, suffers a fire storm raining down from the heavens and the sky darkens and appears as if on fire in a haze of red dust. Of course with the fiery sunsets and sunrises comes no heat but the chill of a long harsh winter, a winter that remains until the last spectral remnants from the winged demon world descends to earth and the skies clear. Of course the return of warm brings no great blessing, as it creates a flood, of melting ice water, ice water that creates a continuously rising tide of oceans, and of rivers flooded beyond all recall, a nightmare deluge of flood created debris and new tropical storms.

    Now logically it would also make the planet very interesting, as the evolving species and it's societies contend with the repeated catastrophe, sure to attract the attention and long term observation of any interested parties. So do those parties interact, and assist the struggling societies with the repeated devastating disasters or do they just passively observe? Compassion or just general interest. Also how effective are these disasters at wiping out any traces of the civilizations that they have destroyed, how advanced does a society have to be to survive with at least some part of it still intact.

    Cloud of dust not to bad, major ice age and 7 days? of panic, unfortunately the moons reaches further into the ejecta mass and carries out many number of larger elements in it's gravitational wake, creating a meteor shower possibly evidenced by the Bladen lake group.

    This idea seems much more clearly defined in history, examples symbols for Horus (coming) and Hathor (going) and a twisted pair of serpents when viewed from side when the earth is towards the other side of the sun . Along with many other similar references, plus of course numerous references to the Sun being hidden from view etc.

  9. Darylpeters | Jun 24, 2010 at 12:17 pm |

    hauntingly beautiful to be honest. good stuff

  10. sounds like a fart i took yesterday…….

  11. A few years ago, the European Space Agency had a longish version of how the sun 'sounds'. Couldn't find it last time I looked.

  12. W_d_erwin | Jun 28, 2010 at 10:27 pm |

    Don't forget your sunscreen ……

  13. Sleepsycho | Jun 29, 2010 at 11:32 pm |

    like listening to a seashell filled with a melodic inferno, instead of waves, sung by demonic gremlins with metallic tongues

  14. Johnnie98765 | Jun 30, 2010 at 1:04 pm |

    bbc did this a few days ago, they said it sounded like this

  15. wow that is so cool ok so i would love to know what and how they determined what that sounds like and/or what they used to make it sound like that. i know there are sounds in space… its not totally silent but dang that is so cool. i guess im the only one so far who really likes this stuff… i would love to be a part of something big like this one day… im still young and have my entire life ahead of me that is if someone doesnt kill me while texting and driving..

  16. silly comments about a fascinating subject – remember guys without the sun we are dead and one day it will run out of its fuel!!!!

  17. silly comments about a fascinating subject – remember guys without the sun we are dead and one day it will run out of its fuel!!!!

  18. Elizabeth131 | Oct 10, 2010 at 6:24 pm |

    So much win. Thumbs up for the TARDIS. xD

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