Why Beatrix Potter Would Love The Kindle

Kindle 2. Photo: Jon 'ShakataGaNai' Davis (CC)

Kindle 2. Photo: Jon 'ShakataGaNai' Davis (CC)

Here’s an interesting blog post about why Beatrix Potter “would love the Kindle”. In 1906 she’d actually tried creating her own, new non-book format for delivering her famous fairy tales.

“Intended for babies and tots, the story was originally published on a strip of paper that was folded into a wallet, closed with a flap, and tied with a ribbon. The format was unpopular with booksellers and within a few years of the book’s release it was reprinted in the standard small book format of the Peter Rabbit library…”

This article includes a link to actual images from one of Potter’s strange wallet-sized stories – “The Story of A Fierce, Bad Rabbit” – plus an image showing you exactly what Beatrix Potter thinks “a fierce, bad rabbit” would look like! And there’s also a celebration of the fact that there’s now finally illustrated versions for the Kindle of both Beatrix Potter’s stories and A. A. Milne.

Four different Beatrix Potter stories had also already turned up in the top 20 of Amazon’s list of best-selling (free) children’s books, but one user complains that “Instead of including the illustrations (which the Kindle can handle beautifully), there’s text, and then it’ll say [illustration] [illustration]. Really awful. No wonder it’s free….”

And there’s another new set of illustrations on the way, though as recently as December there were no Kindle versions of Winnie-the Pooh. “But by spring, it looks like Pooh bear had magically crept out of the Hundred Acre Wood, and squeezed his way onto the Kindle!”