A Free Buffet To Beat Whole Foods

The LA Times profiles Christopher Nyerges, founder of the School of Self-Reliance and an expert on how to survive on food he finds in the urban wild:

Nyerges, who has been teaching for more than 30 years, says that it isn’t uncommon for hard-core survivalists to take his class, as well as people with end-of-the-world-related fears. “There have been individuals who have been seriously upset about things over the years. During Y2K they were petrified; now I get a lot of that with the 2012 baloney,” he says, referring to what some believe is the Mayan calendar’s end date.

“I tell people that society is not going to change, only the individual can change and that’s the source of calm that comes from true self-reliance,” he continues. “I’m convinced I will never go hungry, I’ll never be homeless, I’ll never be broke.

“More and more I’m dealing with average people who are worried about the nutritional content of their food and what to do if there is a supermarket strike or an earthquake,” Nyerges adds.

Soon the group passes through a field of slender mustard plants. They wave knee-high in the breeze, their dainty yellow flowers shining in the just-emerging sunlight. “Taste the flowers,” Nyerges urges. They are full of heat and spice. “You can eat the leaves too,” he adds as a man holding a book by Nyerges titled “Guide to Wild Foods and Useful Plants” scribbles furiously in its margins…

[continues in the LA Times]


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7 Comments on "A Free Buffet To Beat Whole Foods"

  1. “School of Self-Reliance?”

    Self-reliance → Ayn Rand → Classical Liberalism/Libertarianism → Edmund Burke.

    Ergo, Disinformation supports right-wing politics

  2. If you ever have to resort to cannibalism, remember: the livers of carnivorous animals generally contain toxic levels of vitamin A. Here's a handy mnemonic to help you:

    If they like meat,
    Their liver don't eat.
    If on burgers they frown,
    It's time to chow down.

    God bless.

    • I think I'll skip on livers either way. I'm more of a breast/thigh/loin kind of guy (that sounds nice). But I thoroughly appreciate the heads up!

  3. tonyviner | Jul 29, 2010 at 2:04 pm |

    Everyone should do their part and steal from Whole Foods.

  4. Right wingers, in my experience, are far more self-absorbed than self-reliant.

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