Al Franken, Senator, On Dangers Of Corporate Control Of Media (Video)

Sen. Al Franken (D.-Minn.) told more than 2,000 bloggers and organizers attending the Netroots Nation conference in Las Vegas on July 24, 2010, that our media system is at risk everywhere we turn – from our free speech online to the growing power of companies who own a massive number of media outlets.


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  • tonyviner

    He needs to work on his routine. I didn't laugh once.

    • 5by5


      Well if Internet Freedom (I detest the weak term “Net Neutrality) gets shot down, you're not going to be laughing about much anyways, so there you have it.

      • tonyviner

        I guess you're right.

  • Hadrian999

    i love al franken, my tea party cousin from mn nearly has a psychotic episode every time he's in the news.