Are We Losing Interest in the Gulf Coast Oil Spill?

Interesting post from Jolie O’Dell on Mashable:
Oil Spill

We’re losing interest in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill just a few weeks after it became a big media topic — and long before we’ve even made a dent in cleaning up after this mess — if Internet search and discussion trends are to be believed.

An estimated 100 million gallons or more of oil have surged into the Gulf of Mexico. Spread by wind and underwater currents, the pollution has drifted toward coastal areas, coating wildlife and natural environments in thick layers of crude oil.

Yet on Twitter, Google, blogs and even YouTube, we’re already wrapping up our collective discussion of the oil spill and how to repair its damage.

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3 Comments on "Are We Losing Interest in the Gulf Coast Oil Spill?"

  1. CitizenJape | Jul 15, 2010 at 4:07 pm |

    I would argue that the majority of the interest in this event was generated by news coverage. Anyway, the people who can actually do something about this are thinking about it 24/7, not googling it or checking their Twitter feed for solutions to this mind numbing disaster: RT!!!! If everyone gets a swirly straw we can clean the spill in a 24hr news cycle!

  2. If you live in the Gulf Coast region, trust me, we're not losing our interest. We're living with it daily.

    • …while simultaneously raising Hell because the president wants you to stop drilling long enough for regulators to ensure that oil companies don't spring any more leaks on the Gulf. This is after helping to elect a conservative president who failed to overhaul the Minerals Management Agency when it was revealed that they were having sex/cocaine parties that with oil industry lobbyists.

      The Gulf states chose to give a free hand to oil companies to operate off their shores, and want to continue to do so. How about some of that personal responsibility we're always being lectured about whenever we want to fund a social program?

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