Bring Out Your Dead – And Put Them Down Drain

From Sky News/Yahoo:

Undertakers in Belgium have said they want to save the environment by liquefying corpses instead of cremating them.

It has been claimed the process of dissolving the dead in a caustic potash solution would use less energy than a crematorium – it would also not emit any harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The body sludge could then be given to relatives to flush away as a final goodbye.

The Flemish Association of Undertakers is now trying to get permission to carry out the green procedure, which is known as chemical hydrolysis.

Bodies are dissolved by placing them in a container of water and salts. The mixture is then pressurised and after about two hours, all that remains is mineral ash and a liquid gunk.

But the idea is controversial in a country which has strong religious beliefs.

Many people associate the idea with something out of a gangster movie – an awkward character or witness is disposed of by the mob in an acid bath…

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