Flying Car Nears Consumer Availability After Gaining FAA Approval

terrafugia1_1668799cUnfortunately, the price tag for a flying car, set to be sold by Terrafugia in 2011, is in the millions. The other bad news is that Bono will definitely have one, I just know it. The Australian Broadcasting Corp. reports:

The Transition, which is being described as the world’s first flying car, transforms from a vehicle to a winged aircraft in 30 seconds.

US authorities have bent their rules for the aircraft, which could make it much more accessible for people without a pilot’s license.

Anna Dietrich, who works for the company building the Transition, explains how it works: “Once you’ve landed at the airport you can fold up the wings without having to get out of the cockpit,” she said.

“It takes about the same amount of time as putting down your convertible top. Once you’ve done that the power from the engine is directed to the wheels and you now have a street legal vehicle that you can drive to where you actually wanted to go.”

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  • justagirl

    i object.

    • RONIN

      As you object, a tree falls in the forest.

    • RONIN

      I do too, though.

      • justagirl

        WELL! everytime YOU object, a bear takes a genetically engineered crap in some bottled water.(!)

        • RONIN

          No. That doesn't happen.

          • justagirl


  • emperorreagan

    Perfect for getting drunk and crashing your car into the roof of your neighbor's house.


    Smuggling coke when the feds find your submarine.


    If the US authorities can bend their rules for aircraft to make flying cars more accessible, why can't we just say fuck the Jones Act and accept help in cleaning up the Gulf?

  • tonyviner

    That's a plane. You can't fool me.

    • oman28

      Everyone knows the flying car doesn't have wings. It has a bubble top and you drive it with a joystick

  • justagirl


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