G20 Toronto: Why?

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  • iris

    what was closed and why?

  • http://voxmagi-necessarywords.blogspot.com/ VoxMagi

    and screaming like a demented freak will gently entice them to open the doors how?

    Suddenly, Michael Moore seems more sane, polite, thoughtful and incisive than he did before I watched this.

  • Swaim3030

    Eaton Centre (big mall in dt Toronto) was closed due to the g20 protests.


  • sartorius

    Mentally disturbed guy yelling and acting…um, well…mentally disturbed?

    lol, I guess.

  • James

    Damn, his shirt combined with his a attitude creates this semiotic effect that disturbs my brain seriously…

  • CurrentOccupant

    The Eaton Centre is not a public place it is a privately owned shopping mall. It can be closed whenever the owners feel like it.

    This food tube should have stayed in his suburban rabbithole in Mississauga where he belongs.

    • Screwface

      can't you just appreciate a nutcase in his insane natural habitat?

  • Cynthia Nelson

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  • chinagreenelvis

    This is what cats would say if they could talk.

  • brentskinner5

    His final words…

    “Are you nuts? Are you crazy?”

    How ironic…

  • brentskinner5

    His final words…

    “Are you nuts? Are you crazy?”

    How ironic…

  • Simiantongue

    I don't understand? Usually screaming like a raving lunatic, droning the same phrase over and over will get people to open doors to you. I have no idea why it didn't work in this case. Very unusual indeed.

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