Pentagon Workers Found To Have Downloaded Child Pornography

PentagonEwen MacAskill writes for the Guardian:

Dozens of Pentagon staff and contractors with high-level security clearance have been found by US federal investigators to have downloaded child pornography.

A spokesman said the defence department takes such matters seriously but would not comment on specific cases.

The Pentagon concern is not just that crimes have been committed, though that alone would be grounds for dismissal, but that it makes those involved security risks.

One of those charged was a contractor who had security clearance at the National Security Agency, which eavesdrops on communications worldwide. He fled the US and is thought to be hiding in Libya.

Details about links between the Pentagon and child pornography were disclosed yesterday in the Boston Globe.

The paper quotes an internal report from the defence criminal investigative service in 2009 which says that though the number found to be involved is small compared with the number employed by the defence department and related organisations, it leaves those involved “at risk of blackmail, bribery, and threats, especially since these individuals typically have access to military installations”.

Some of the pornography was downloaded on government computers.

The Globe obtained 50 pages of documents relating to an investigation by the inspector-general of the Pentagon that had not been made public. At least 30 cases have been investigated.

One case involved a national security official who possessed 8,400 pictures and 200 films and was sentenced to five years in prison…

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  1. I don’t know if militarism can cause pedophilia or pedophilia can cause militarism–probably it’s a cycle–but this doesn’t surprise me at all.

  2. I don't know if militarism can cause pedophilia or pedophilia can cause militarism–probably it's a cycle–but this doesn't surprise me at all.

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