The Land Where Your Unwanted CDs Go to Die

Thank the gods that someone found a use for all those “1000 HOURS FREE!” AOL discs I received in the ’90s in the mail. Kyle VanHemert writes on Gizmodo:

CDSea is the work of artist Bruce Munro, who put out the call for unused CDs only a few weeks ago. Unsurprisingly, they poured in by the thousands. But the work was inspired by a moment almost three decades ago, when Munro was in Sydney, Australia.

CD Sea

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  • Namelesswon

    i LIKE THIS. This is good pollution, not bad pollution. This is like fuking up the environment but in a kewl, artistic way. Can someone who maybe wrote the article ask the dude if he's got that “Two Princes” cd single by the Spin Doctors cause I can't find that shit anywhere, I am happy to pay for shipping costs and insurance, if that helps.

    • tonyviner

      at least they are consolidated.

    • Haystack

      I'll bet it 80% Switchblade Symphony.

  • justagirl

    this looks like the work of a white guy.

  • tonyviner

    He should call up Hinder or Cage the Elephant, I bet they have tons of CDs to donate.

  • Haystack

    I’ll bet it 80% Switchblade Symphony.