“Who Framed Yigal Amir?” With Barry Chamish


Co-hosts Ashnfara Judy and Tyler Bass return to discuss with journalist Barry Chamish the 1995 assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Barry Chamish has concluded that the official story of the assassination, in which the prime minister was gunned down by Yigal Amir, is utterly impossible, and that in fact Rabin’s own bodyguards caused the undoing of the Israeli leader’s life. In “Who Framed Yigal Amir?”, They Radio will delve into the forensics, the motives and the covert murderers, Chamish says, had everything to gain at Rabin’s ultimate loss.

From the latest episode of They on Blog Talk Radio.

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  • justagirl

    “that’s one dead shoe, eh boss?” – the weasel.

  • justagirl

    “that's one dead shoe, eh boss?” – the weasel.