A Skateboarding Priest, (Ground Zero) Mosque Madness and Zombie Ants!

You Have Been Disinformed

Here’s the 23 most (dis)informing stories disinfo.com visitors were checking out last week. If you’re interested in contributing to disinfo.com please contact us here. Enjoy!

Florida Baby Facebook Photo Sparks Controversy

Michael Phelps got caught through Facebook, why not a baby! They do say a picture is worth a thousand hits, um, words. CBS News reports…

Zombie Ants!

The zombies have come, but it’s not exactly the apocalypse. Carpenter ants being taken over by fungi sounds like the beginning of a Science-Fiction film, but this time it’s just Science. From Discovery Magazine

The Skateboarding Priest Video

“Come on kiddies, you’re safe with me — I can skate!” … Hmmm, I’m not sure this Hungarian priest looks like someone I want my kids to skate with, but believe it or not Reverend Zoltan Lendvai, 45, who lives and preaches in Redics, a small village on Hungary’s border with Slovenia, has become a YouTube sensation!

Why Did the Nazis Film the Dying Jews of Warsaw?

Sharon Waxman on her blog WaxWord: “In a French-themed café a block from the teeming beach, producer Noemi Schory explained why her new Holocaust documentary, An Unfinished Film, did not deserve the R rating that the MPAA handed down last week after a final appeal…”

Jupiter Swallowed A Super-Earth: It’s One BAMF

Everyone knows Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System, but new research suggests it was the baddest MF around, knocking off its competition before it could grow. David Shiga writes in New Scientist

Jon Stewart On The Ground Zero Mosque (Video)

Is the Burlington Coat Factory hallowed ground?

Western Scientists Finally Tell Patients Why Tai Chi Is Good For Them

The Chinese have known this for thousands of years. Better late than never, I suppose! From WebMD

TorrentReactor Buys and Renames Russian Town

Ernesto writes on TorrentFreak: “TorrentReactor, listed among the five most popular torrent sites on the Internet, has surprised friends and foes by acquiring a small town in central Russia…”

The Price of Truth

Adrian Lamo’s critics faced him down at a hacker’s conference. Lamo sat on the stage, placid, blinking pronouncedly as his hecklers continued. They prodded him, asking if he would have been tempted to release the data that a man who contacted him had sworn upon threat of military legal prosecution never to release…

The New Villains of New Media: Apple, Google & Facebook

Brent Lang explains why for The Wrap: “They’re supposed to be the good guys, right? No longer. Over the past year, several technology giants have begun to shed their status as white knights…”


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Scientists Develop A Vaccine For Stress

Is this a step on the path to a Brave New World? The head of a research team at Stanford says he is on the verge of producing a vaccine that would deactivate the brain’s stress-causing chemicals. For the first time, people could shut off the fight-or-flight mechanism…

Soak The Very, Very Rich

A sensible suggestion from the capable mind of The New Yorker’s James Surowiecki, but what are the chances that our government will implement it, one wonders (whilst thinking of all those campaign contributions made by the very rich)…

Who Owns You? 20% of the Genes in Your Body are Patented (Video)

Drew Halley writes on Singularity Hub: “Here’s a disconcerting thought: for the past thirty years, genes have been patentable. And we’re not just talking genetically modified corn — your genes, pretty much as they exist in your body, can and have been patented…”

New Jersey Bans The Word ‘Retarded’

One is tempted to say that this new law in New Jersey is, um, mentally challenged. Story from NJ.com…

Virtual Reality Asks Tough Behavior and Anxiety Questions

Ever wonder what it was like to be the opposite sex? Ever wonder what it was like to be the opposite sex and abused? Virtual reality may be the key to engaging in such questions. BBC News reports…

Richard Hoagland Reveals The Secret War In Space

Richard Hoagland tells interviewer Dr. Steven Greer about a secret war in space. I really don’t know what to make of his claims — any suggestions?

Pea Found Growing In Man’s Lung

Jill Blocker writes on Eat, Drink & Blog: “The old wives’ tales about swallowed gum staying in the stomach for 10 years and swallowed watermelon seeds growing in bellies just got a little truth attached to them, after a pea seed was found growing inside a man’s lung…”

How to Spot a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) in the Grocery Store

The Suburban Jungle writes: Are you eating Genetically Modified Foods? Do you know how to tell? I recently found out that you can easily tell whether the produce you purchase at the grocery store is a GMO just buy looking at the PLU (price look up) code.”

1 in 5 Americans Think Obama Is Muslim

Most of the news media seem to think this is a bad thing. Personally I think it’s great – a significant number of Americans voted for a man they thought was Muslim when electing their president. Story from NPR…

Google CEO To Young People: You’ll Be Able to Get a New Identity When You Reach Adulthood

Check out Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s solution for privacy advocates in this Wall Street Journal article over the weekend. Suddenly that Google Chrome logo looks like an all-seeing eye to me instead of some futuristic Simon…

What Else Is Built In The Shadow Of Ground Zero?

Is Lower Manhattan hallowed ground? The blog History Eraser Button presents photos of the other businesses and organizations located directly by the World Trade Center site, as near as the proposed “Ground Zero mosque” is slated to be…

A Fun New (Old) Game to Play While Drinking

While the readers — and writers — on this site are no strangers to a good time, even the heartiest of partiers can find themselves stranded in a rut caused by lack of novelty. We’ve all known the soul-crushing boredom that results from having the same conversation with the same people in the same place again…