Brazil Hosts First Presidential Debate Online

Brazil DebateThe Presidential campaign enters the digital age in Brazil this week. From People’s Daily:

Brazil held on Wednesday its first online presidential debate, which gathered the three front-runners in the presidential campaign.

They were: Dilma Rousseff from the Workers’ Party, handpicked by President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva for succession; Jose Serra from the Brazilian Social Democratic Party, the main opposition candidate; and Green Party’s Marina Silva.

Topics such as education, public health system, basic sanitation and taxes were debated by the participants, who also had the opportunity to question each other and answer questions from journalists and netizens.

The debate, marked by frequent accusations and criticisms, was more fierce than a previous TV debate two weeks ago.

Serra kept his strategy of criticizing the Lula administration, while both Rousseff and Silva intensified their attacks on Serra’s records as governor of Sao Paulo state (Jan. 2007 to March 2010) and health minister under former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso (1995-2002).

According to Serra, Brazil’s current economic stability does not owe to President Lula’s policies, but to his predecessor Cardoso’s plan, which established the real as Brazil’s currency in the mid-90s.

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