Cop Pulls Over Congressman During Radio Interview!


Congressman Dan Lungren

Remember Dan Lungren? He’s the Republican Congressman who tried to generate positive publicity by phoning in to a radio show – until the call ended abruptly with the sound of a police officer pulling him over for speeding! (Hear audio of the call here!)

Lungren’s Democratic challenger, Ami Bera, just showed up at Lungren’s office — to give him a hands-free phone set!

Besides being hysterically funny, there’s a big political significance to this race – and there’s a surprising twist that makes this event even more important. “This isn’t the first time Lungren thought he was above the rules,” one blogger explained. “The Bera for Congress Campaign recently released a new website, which details how Dan Lungren exploited a loophole in House ethics rules in order to take a free, lobbyist funded trip to Hawaii.” It culminates with video of ABC News grilling Lungren over a very suspicious meeting funded by lobbyists — in Hawaii. (The web site’s front page urges “Take a free trip to Hawaii, the Congressman Dan Lungren Way!”)

That’s why this “cellphone/speeding” story probably isn’t going away…

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  1. did he get a ticket?

  2. did he get a ticket?

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