Evolver the Podcast Episode 3: Magic and the Occult

This is my favorite episode we’ve done so far. We have three amazing interviews.

The first is an interview with Jonathan Talat Phillips interviewing Gary Lachman the rockstar (guitarist for Blondie) turned occult author. The focus of this interview is to discuss Gary’s new book Jung the Mystic.

The next interview is a conversation between me and Baza Novic, one of the regional coordinators from Evolver LA. We talked about his involvement with Evolver and how it has been driven by his esoteric practice. The Interview is opened with a meditation from Baza.

Last we have an interview with Raymond Wiley, that was conducted by Jennifer Palmer. This was a real treat for me.

A couple years ago when I first got into the counter culture and the occult my sort of crash course was Raymond’s podcast Out There Radio, which I was introduced to from the first Disinformation podcast that he did, and it’s been a crazy ride every since. It was awesome to be able to do a podcast with Raymond. This interview is a fantastic conversation between Jennifer and Raymond about the “occult” in a very broad way. Raymond also discusses the importance he feels there is in us recognizing the rich history of the Western Esoteric practice. If you would like to listen to more of Raymond like I mentioned he has a 50 episode series called Out There Radio and he is also doing the Disinformation podcasts. Check them out!

I hope you all enjoy listening to this podcast as much as I enjoyed making it. It was definitely an adventure getting this one made. If anyone would like to contact me you can message me on Evolver as Chris Hopkins, message me on Facebook as Evolver Sacramento, or just email me Chris@Barbelithlives.com. Below are all the links to websites relative to the show and the Guests.

Gary Lachman:


Reality Sandwich


Baza Novic:



Raymond Wiley:

Disinformation: The Podcast

Out There Radio


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  2. We are working on getting this podcast back up and running as soon as possible. You can still listen to it from the actual site itself, just not from any of the RSS feeds currently, but like I said we are working on getting this remedied as soon as possible. Thank you for checking it out.


  3. Alright everyone the podcast is back up and running.


  4. Alright everyone the podcast is back up and running.


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