From WikiLeaks to Swedish Tabloid

Hacker, writer, Australian. Julian Assange certainly made a ruckus as the founder and chief of Wikileaks. Now he will be a columnist. Could this change to Aftonbladet be because Wikileaks is trying to get a lisence for journalistic protection and, while operating servers in Swedish, a column connection may just help?  Daily Tech reports:

Embroiled in an international politics controversy and owner of one the internet’s most divisive properties, what’s a man to do?  Well, if you’re Julian Assange, founder and chief of whistleblowing site Wikileaks, the answer is apparently “write for a tabloid”.

The Australian native who rose to infamy as a hacker in the late 1980s and early 1990s, announced in a Saturday interview [Swedish] with Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet that he would be joining the staff.  A translation of the interview can be found here on Mathaba.

In the interview, when asked what is column will be about, Assange comments, “About press issues and about what’s happening around the world. There might be some scoops.”

Asked how frequently he will write, he replies, “Once a month.”

Assange has worked with and written content for a number of high profile publications, including The New York Times (U.S. newspaper), The Guardian (British newspaper), and Der Spiegel (German magazine), but has never been a regular columnist.  Nonetheless he considers himself a standards bearer of the journalistic mantle, speaking at many press events about Wikileaks and whistleblowing journalism.

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